Sania Mirza’s Son Izhaan Faces School Restrictions: Shoaib Malik’s Third Marriage Causes Discomfort among Students

The recent divorce of Sania Mirza and the subsequent third marriage of Shoaib Malik seem to have affected their 5-year-old son, Izhaan Mirza Malik. According to Pakistani journalist Naeem Hanif, who conducted an interview with Sania on Samma TV, Izhaan has been noticeably distressed at his school, to the extent that he has refused to attend classes.

Hanif stated that Sania expressed concerns about Izhaan’s mental well-being, attributing his distress to the media coverage surrounding his father’s third marriage. Media reports suggest that Sania is now returning to her hometown, Hyderabad.

On Friday, Sania Mirza took to social media to share a poignant moment featuring her son and Anam Mirza’s daughter, referring to them as her ‘lifelines’.

Shoaib Malik’s Third Marriage Preceded by Two Weeks

Former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, Shoaib Malik, tied the knot for the third time just two weeks ago. The 41-year-old cricketer got married to 30-year-old Pakistani actress Sania Javed. Shoaib shared a photo with Sania to announce the news.

Shoaib’s first marriage was with Ayesha Siddiqui. Following their divorce, he married former Indian tennis player Sania Mirza in 2010. Sania’s father had stated that his daughter separated from Shoaib due to the ‘open tradition’.

Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed posted the wedding picture on their social media accounts.

Son’s Birth Eight Years After Marriage

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik welcomed their son, Izhaan, in 2018, eight years after their marriage. Sania took a break from tennis around the time of her son’s birth. In her autobiography, ‘Ace Against Odds,’ Sania writes about the challenging times she faced when Shoaib encountered difficulties in his professional life.

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza got married on 12 April 2010 in Hyderabad.

Sania and Shoaib’s Journey from Dating to Marriage

Sania and Shoaib had their first encounter in India during the years 2004-2005, where they had minimal interaction. They crossed paths again in Hobart, Australia, during 2009-2010. At that time, Sania was engaged in tennis, while Shoaib was with the cricket team on tour in Australia. Their acquaintance blossomed into friendship during this period and eventually led to the decision to tie the knot.

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik's son is named Izhaan. Who was born in 2018.

After getting to know each other for about five months, Sania and Shoaib made the decision to marry in 2010. They exchanged vows on April 12, 2010, in Hyderabad, followed by a reception in Lahore on April 15. Their journey from dating to marriage marked a significant chapter in their lives, cementing their union amidst mutual respect and understanding.

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