CGST Aspirant’s Tragic Suicide: Commissioner’s Daughter Leaves Heartbreaking Note in Surat

The incident of a college student committing suicide due to exam stress has come to light in Surat. The daughter of an officer residing in Surat’s Adajan area, who holds a position as an assistant commissioner in the GST department in Mumbai, took her own life by tying a plastic bag over her face under the stress of failing an exam. The police have recovered a suicide note written by the young woman, in which she cited the pressure of failing the exam as the reason for her drastic step. The young woman was studying in the third year of her B.Tech course at a State Public College in Surat. The Adajan police have registered a case of accidental death and are conducting a thorough investigation.

According to information obtained from the Adajan police, the deceased, named Saurabh, lived with his wife and two twin daughters at Ro-House Gate No. 2 in the Amrapali area near the Saurabh Police Station. Mr. Venkateshan currently holds the position of Assistant Commissioner in the GST department in Mumbai. Among Mr. Venkateshan’s children, his daughter was studying in the third year of her B.Tech course at a State Public College.

V. Maanushree reportedly committed suicide on Saturday evening around 5 p.m. by tying a plastic bag over her head. Upon learning of the incident, her family rushed her to a private hospital for treatment, but the doctors declared her dead upon arrival.

The Adajan police, led by PI R.B. Gojiya, stated that the student was highly educated. She was seen wearing a plastic bag with a locking system similar to those found in films. Subsequently, she used her own hands to tie the locking strap around her head, leading to her committing suicide by asphyxiation.

The police have revealed that the student was studying in the third year of college and had failed in her exams. This led to her experiencing overwhelming stress. A suicide note written by the student in English was found at her home, stating that she couldn’t bear the pressure of failing the exams. This kind of mental distress has filled her life with despair. The police have initiated further investigation after recording the accidental death caused by the sudden incident.

Niyati Rao

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