Polytechnic College Students’ Union Protests 100-Day Delay in ATKT Results, Takes Action with Petitions

When 100 days have passed since the semester 5 and 6 exams at the Polytechnic College of MS University in Vadodara city, the results have not yet been announced. Today, students from the Vidyaarthi Vikas Sangh protested against this delay by gathering at the college. The students reached the college premises this afternoon, where they found the principal’s office locked and the principal absent. They protested outside the office and even sang bhajans. Finally, they submitted a memorandum outside the principal’s office and on the bonnet of his car.

Unemployment Due to Lack of Exam Results

The students of Vidyaarthi Vikas Sangh have stated in their memorandum that the semester 6 exams at the Polytechnic College were conducted before Diwali vacation in October. The semester 5 exams were held in November. It has been 100 days since these exams were conducted, yet the results have not been announced. Such a long delay in announcing results has never occurred in the history of the Polytechnic College. As a result of the delay in result declaration, the final year students with ATKT are unemployed and unable to find jobs. The university’s negligence is the reason behind this. We demand that the results be announced immediately.

We Will Protest If Demands Are Not Met: Parth Pandya

Parth Pandya, the head of Vidyaarthi Vikas Sangh, has stated that 100 days have passed since the exams, and the results of around 150 ATKT students have not been announced. Today, we have come to the Polytechnic College to submit our request, but no one is willing to listen to us. Therefore, we have submitted our memorandum outside the principal’s office. After that, we have also submitted it on his car. If our demands are not met in the coming days, we will launch a fierce protest.

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