BRICS Summit in Africa: PM’s Visit & Potential Rise, Can India Halt Pakistan’s Entry?

“Before the BRICS meeting, China had a meeting with us, but because of only one country, Pakistan could not participate in the meeting of this organization.”

Pakistan’s Ministry of External Affairs said this on 27 June 2022. Pakistan may not have named any country, but their allusion was towards India. Exactly one year after this statement, Pakistan has once again expressed its desire to join BRICS. This is the same organization from whose platform Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Pakistan the motherland of terrorism in 2016. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will leave today i.e. Monday to participate in the 15th BRICS Summit.

In today’s story we will know what is BRICS in which 40 countries including Pakistan want to join, why and how India will stop Pakistan’s intrusion

Question 1: First of All Know What is BRICS and How Powerful is It?

Answer: JNU Professor Rajan Kumar states – The BRICS organization in its current form, its journey to get there has been completed in three stages…

The first stage – RIC stands for Russia, India and China – was formed in the 1990s, when these three countries came together to form an association. The organization was headed by Russian leader Yevgeny Primakov. The purpose of the coming together of the three countries was to challenge US dominance in world foreign policy and at the same time rebuild their relationship.

Second stage – BRIC stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China – In 2001, investment bank Goldman Sachs described these four countries as the fastest growing economies in the world. After this, in 2009, these countries came together to form an organization called BRIC.

The third stage – BRICS i.e. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – In 2010, South Africa was made a part of this organization to represent the African continent. Then this organization got its final form and was called BRICS.

Today, BRICS has overtaken the EU to become the third most powerful economic organization in the world.

The BRICS Countries Made Rapid Progress Even When the West Was Mired in Recession

In 2008-2009 when the West was going through an economic crisis. Even then, the economies of the BRICS countries were growing rapidly. The concept of formation of BRICS organization is based on ‘rising economy’.

That is, the economies of countries that have the courage to develop rapidly and compete with Western countries. Earlier Western countries controlled 60% to 80% of world economy, now BRICS countries are gradually taking their place.

BRICS is challenging western countries

Most of the BRICS countries believe that India’s role in major world organizations like IMF, WTO, UN and World Bank is not as much as it should be. The presidents and directors of IMF and World Bank are mostly from Europe or America.

In such a situation, the countries of the Global South needed such an organization, which could advance the interests of poor and developing countries by confronting the Western countries. Keeping these things in mind, the BRICS organization was formed.

Question 2: Why is India Opposing the Entry of New Countries Into BRICS?

Answer: 40 countries have expressed their desire to join BRICS. The most important issue during the summit will be BRICS expansion. For this China is the most excited while other countries of the organization are still feeling hesitant about the entry of new countries into this organization.

According to Professor Rajan Kumar, there are 3 main reasons for India’s hesitancy…

1) The basis of membership is not fixed – The main basis of the countries currently in BRICS is economy. However, there is no rule on the basis on which other countries should be included in the organization.

In such a situation, the summit starting on August 22 will consider whether new members should be inducted on the basis of economy or geography. This requires the agreement of all countries. One solution could be to first grant observer status to countries, then make them members of the organization based on their performance.

2) Management problem- If too many countries are included in the organization it becomes difficult to manage it. There will be difficulties in decision making. The same happened with the Non-Aligned Movement formed during the Cold War.

India was among its founding members. 70 to 80 countries were its members. As there are fewer countries in BRICS, it is easier to make decisions. In such a situation it will be a big challenge to involve more members in the organization.

3) Fear of Chinese hegemony – The desire of 40 countries to join this organization in 10-12 years shows its importance. At the same time, the inclusion of so many countries in the association could prove dangerous for India due to China’s expansionist plans. Both China and Russia want to present the BRICS organization as an anti-Western bloc.

Many countries are involved in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, but India is not. In BRICS, China is also joining India and other countries of the Global South are also joining. In such a situation, China wants to add more members so that it can include them in its group against America. While India, South Africa and Brazil believe that if there is expansion, it should be done with balance.

Question 3: Why Does Pakistan Want to Join BRICS at Any Cost?

Answer: Although Pakistan has not officially applied to join BRICS, it has repeatedly expressed its desire to become a member of the organization. According to Professor Rajan, Pakistan wants to join the organization for three reasons…

1. Similarity with India: Pakistan feels that India is a member of this organization and it is a powerful organization in the world. In such a situation, Pakistan should be its member.

2. Economic assistance: Pakistan feels that BRICS countries are developing rapidly. In such a situation, if Pakistan becomes its member, other countries will come together and help Pakistan. China will give loan to Pakistan through BRICS Bank. With this, Pakistan’s economy can get back on track.

3. Attempt to help India with China: India is one of the strongest member countries in the BRICS organization. This is the reason why Pakistan will try to help India by joining this organization along with China.

Question 4: Why Does India Want to Stop Pakistan’s Intrusion Into BRICS?

Answer: China has long wanted to expand the BRICS organization by adding more countries to it. He also wants to include countries like Pakistan, Iran in this organization. However, India would never want Pakistan to be a part of this organization. There are 3 main reasons for it, namely-

1. Terrorism: Pakistan is accused of spreading terrorism all over the world.

2. Dispute with India: India and Pakistan have disputes on many issues. In such a situation, if Pakistan becomes a member of BRICS, there will be a situation of conflict between the two countries in taking many important decisions. This will affect the reputation of the organization.

3. Political credibility: If an organization expands, it wants to include countries in the world that have political credibility. Not a country that is politically unstable and has a negative image in the world.

Pakistan has neither economic power nor political importance, in which case India will never agree to make it a part of the organization.

Question 5: What Are the 3 Reasons Why Pakistan Could Not Join BRICS?


1) Weak Economy- Finance is the biggest reason. BRICS competes directly with G7, the world’s most prosperous economic body. China is the largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity per GDP, followed by India third, Russia sixth and Brazil eighth. All BRICS countries account for 31.5% of world GDP. In such a situation, including Pakistan will weaken the organization economically.

2) Fear of growing differences – Pakistan’s joining BRICS may not lead to SAARC status. Actually, the SAARC organization was created to coordinate the countries of South Asia. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka are its member countries.

However, the organization could not function properly due to strong differences between India and Pakistan. Due to which questions arise on its importance. With the inclusion of Pakistan in BRICS, its status is very likely to be similar to that of SAARC.

3) Foreign Policy- The third and last reason is Pakistan’s foreign policy. which is not concrete. Pakistan seeks partners in the name of Islam. Then ask them for help. Pakistan is in debt, i.e. living on debt.

In such a situation, it cannot find a place in the BRICS countries. If China includes Pakistan, not only India but also South Africa and Brazil may oppose it.

Question 6: Will BRICS Currencies Challenge the Dollar?

Answer: Brazilian President Lula da Silva said during a summit that BRICS countries need to create new currencies for trade. Why do we trade in dollars? If the world order is to be changed, the dependence on the dollar has to be changed. Recently, the debate on the institution’s currency has also gained momentum.

However, there has been no significant development in this matter so far. Some countries of the organization have certainly started trading in their national currencies. These countries include China and Russia. Russia has been insisting on using a national currency since the Ukraine war.

The reason for this is that America and Western countries have confiscated Russia’s assets. Russia has suffered a lot because of this. China feels that if the dispute with Taiwan escalates, the US can do it with its currency as well.

Question 7: How Much Has the Russia-ukraine War Affected the Organization’s Importance?

Answer: During the Ukraine war, all the BRICS countries refused to accept most of the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia. By this decision these countries not only showed their unity but also sent a message to the rest of the world.

Seeing this, countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria feel that this organization will play the most important role in the future. This is the reason why more than 40 countries have expressed their desire to join this organization after the Russia-Ukraine war, which has increased its importance.

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