Indore-Rajkot Direct Flight Commences, Spectacular Welcome by Kanenath at 8.30 AM

The entire Saurashtra region, including Rajkot, has received the complete news. The journey that Saurashtrians have been waiting for has come to an end. Today, the Indore-Rajkot flight begins. This morning at 8:30 AM, IndiGo’s flight from Indore arrived at Rajkot Airport. Welcomed by Kanenath, it was later filled with passengers to fly back to Indore from Rajkot. It’s noteworthy that along with the commencement of this flight, businesses and people across Saurashtra, including Rajkot, will benefit.

Businesses across the entire Saurashtra region will benefit greatly. For quite some time, flights have been increasing at Rajkot Airport. Under this, before the commencement of Rajkot International Airport, today marks the initiation of direct flights from Indore by IndiGo. This morning, as the direct flight from Indore landed at the airport, it was greeted with a grand welcome by Water Canon Salute carried out by Kanen. This flight’s initiation doesn’t just bring benefits to Rajkot alone, but it will also result in significant advantages for traders across the entire Saurashtra region. Those who will rejoice in the benefits it brings.

Starting from July 3rd, the Rajkot-Pune flight began its operations. In the month of July, a total of three new flights were set to commence from Rajkot Airport. Among these, the Rajkot-Indore flight was not operational initially, but it is starting today. Last month, on July 3rd, the new Rajkot-Pune flight started its services. This flight departs from Pune at 7:30 AM and lands at Rajkot Airport at 9 AM, where it is also greeted with a grand welcome by Water Canon Salute performed by Kanen.

It’s worth mentioning that with the commencement of flights between Rajkot-Pune and Rajkot-Indore, traders in Saurashtra will benefit. This is because traders and students had to take flights from Mumbai to reach Pune and Indore until now, causing them various difficulties. However, now that direct flights between Rajkot-Pune and Indore have started, the end to all these difficulties is in sight.

Rahul Sharma

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