IndiGo Commences Daily Flight Operations Between Rajkot, Indore, and Udaipur from July 1

In anticipation of the upcoming inauguration of Rajkot’s new international Herasar Airport, efforts are underway to enhance air passenger facilities in the region. As part of this initiative, IndiGo Airlines is set to introduce two new daily flight services between Rajkot and Udaipur, as well as Rajkot and Indore, starting from July 1. This decision comes after the rescheduling of the previously announced flights, which were initially planned for May 1 but were subsequently canceled.

Schedule of Flights Per Day

Rajkot, Gujarat – IndiGo Airlines has revealed the flight schedule for the Rajkot-Indore and Rajkot-Udaipur daily flights, which will commence operations from July 1. This development follows numerous requests made by organizations and industrialists in Rajkot for direct air connectivity to Indore and Udaipur. The flight timings have been carefully designed to accommodate passenger convenience and offer efficient travel options between these cities.

The Rajkot-Udaipur daily flight will depart from Rajkot at 8:40 am and arrive in Udaipur at 9:35 am. The return flight will take off from Udaipur at 10:15 am and reach Rajkot at 11:35 am. This schedule has been designed to provide passengers with a suitable morning departure and arrival, facilitating seamless travel for both business and leisure purposes.

On the other hand, the Rajkot-Indore daily flight will take off from Rajkot at 11:55 am and arrive in Indore at 2:00 pm. The return flight will depart from Indore at 6:30 am and reach Rajkot at 8:20 am. This schedule has been carefully planned to cater to passengers’ needs, allowing for convenient travel and minimizing any disruption to their daily schedules.

Addition of Two More Destinations to the Airline Service Linking the Metro City

Rajkot, Gujarat – Rajkot Airport, known for its air services to major metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Surat on a daily basis, is poised to strengthen its connectivity by introducing two new destinations. In addition to the existing three days a week service to Goa, flights to Udaipur and Indore will be added to the schedule, starting from July 1. This expansion of air services is expected to be highly advantageous for Saurashtrian tourists, businessmen, students, and all other passengers, offering enhanced connectivity to a broader range of metro cities across the country.

With the inclusion of Udaipur and Indore in the air service connecting Rajkot to other metro cities, passengers will experience increased convenience and flexibility in their travel plans. This development not only provides better connectivity options but also contributes to the growth of tourism, trade, and education sectors in the region.

The three days a week air service to Goa, along with the daily flights to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Surat, has already established Rajkot Airport as a key transportation hub. The addition of Udaipur and Indore further solidifies its position as an important player in the aviation sector, catering to the diverse travel needs of passengers from Rajkot and its surrounding regions.


In conclusion, IndiGo’s commencement of daily flight operations between Rajkot, Indore, and Udaipur from July 1 reflects its dedication to expanding its network and meeting the increasing demand for air travel. The new routes will provide enhanced connectivity and convenience for travelers, bolstering tourism and facilitating business opportunities. IndiGo’s commitment to customer satisfaction and its consistent efforts to improve air connectivity make it a preferred choice for passengers seeking reliable and efficient travel options.

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