Inappropriate Conduct Cases: Surat Teacher Suspended, Principal Attacked Over Transfer Dispute

An incident unfolded recently where a video from a school in Surat went viral on social media. In this video, a teacher was seen assaulting a colleague with abusive language and slapping her with a slipper over a transfer issue. Other staff members who tried to intervene were also subjected to verbal abuse. The appalling behavior of the teacher caught the attention of the Surat Municipal Education Committee’s authorities, leading to her eventual suspension. Previously, the teacher had faced disciplinary action for similar misconduct in other schools as well.

Was it an Isolated Incident?

A video from a school in Surat’s municipal area went viral on social media, depicting a teacher’s aggressive behavior towards a colleague during a transfer dispute. Allegedly, the teacher demanded more work from her superior, the principal, and filed a false complaint against her, leading to a heated argument. While students were studying, the teacher created a ruckus, hitting the principal with a slipper and using foul language in the presence of the police. This misconduct was witnessed by other teachers as well. The scenes of verbal and physical altercation unfolded in front of the police. Similar behavior was also reported in other schools, prompting the Municipal Education Committee to suspend her.

Demand for Action Even in the Past

After the viral video surfaced, the Municipal Education Committee received complaints of aggressive behavior by the same teacher in other schools as well. This tarnished the image of the Committee. Consequently, the Committee conducted an investigation and took decisive action. The teacher’s erratic behavior, as shown in the video, indicated mental instability, which was taken seriously by the authorities. Finally, the Committee decided to suspend her, ensuring that such behavior is not tolerated in schools under its jurisdiction.

Niyati Rao

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