SI Accused of Rape on Constable’s Daughter in Rajasthan: Mother Beats Accused; Angry Crowd Protests at Police Station

In Dausa, Rajasthan, tensions have escalated following the rape of a 5-year-old girl by a Sub-Inspector. Late on Friday, November 10, the Medical Board conducted an examination of the victimized child. Following the examination, Dausa SP Vandita Rana stated that the child’s condition is stable, and she has not sustained any serious injuries. Meanwhile, the accused Sub-Inspector, Bhupendra Singh, has been suspended after being taken into custody.

In Dausa, Rajasthan, on Friday, Sub-Inspector Bhupendra Singh was accused of raping a 5-year-old girl, the daughter of a constable. Upon the revelation of the incident, there was a widespread commotion at the police station, marked by public outcry and property damage. The accused had confined himself to a room within the station, but angered individuals surrounded the police station in protest.

The accused was forcibly removed from the police station by breaking a window, and he was dragged and beaten from the station to the intersection. Furthermore, on Saturday, November 11, videos and footage of this incident went viral.

On Friday afternoon, when the father of the victim arrived at the police station to file a complaint, some individuals subjected him to physical assault, resulting in injuries. Following the thorough investigation of the case, the police detained Sub-Inspector Bhupendra Singh (54) late at night. He has been suspended from duty. On Friday night, the child was taken to Dausa District Hospital. The medical examination of the child was conducted by the doctors on duty late at night.

On Saturday morning, ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Police) Shankar Lal Meena and the investigating officer of the case arrived at the crime scene with the FSL (Forensic Science Laboratory) team and conducted a thorough examination. At noon, the victimized child and her parents were taken to the Dausa district headquarters by ASP Shankar Lal Meena for recording their statements under Section 164.

At 2 PM in the afternoon, the statements under Section 164 were recorded in the Poxo Court in Dausa. The situation in Rahuvash is now under control. Present at the police station are ASP Ramchandra Singh Nehra, DSP Manaram, Station Officer Gopal Sharma, and personnel from the Rajasthan Armed Constabulary (RAC). The accused Sub-Inspector is currently in the custody of the Dausa police.

The Father Had Returned From Duty and the Girl Told Her Mother About Her Ordeal

The father explained, “On Friday afternoon, I returned from duty and was resting at home. I had completed my night duty in Jaipur and returned to our village. My wife and daughter were at home. The child was playing outside. During this time, Sub-Inspector Bhupendra Singh called the child into ASI Chotelal’s room, where he assaulted and raped her. The distressed child, in tears, sought refuge with her mother, revealing the heinous act. The child, in tears, informed her mother that ‘uncle’ (Sub-Inspector) had given her 50 rupees. When the mother checked the child’s clothes, she discovered the rape. She then informed her husband, who, in turn, went to the Rahuvash police station to file a complaint. There, ASI Chotelal and Constable Tikaram subjected him to physical assault.”

Following this incident, there was widespread anger against the police in the locality. For nearly 5 hours, villagers surrounded the police station, even climbing onto its roof. Additional forces had to be called in to control the situation. A large number of people gathered outside the Rahuvash police station, where they cornered and assaulted the Sub-Inspector. Women were also seen participating, wielding sticks during the confrontation.

People grabbed the Sub-Inspector by his limbs in the streets, physically pulling him. The police managed to rescue the accused from the crowd, subjected him to medical examination, and then transported him to Dausa District Hospital. The father of the child alleges that ASI Chotelal and Constable Tikaram instructed the Sub-Inspector to change clothes with the intention of destroying evidence.

After the incident, agitated individuals staged a protest and surrounded the Rahuvash police station, engaging in vociferous demonstrations until 8 PM. Locals alleged that ASI Chotelal, stationed at Rahuvash police station, is involved in opening illegal liquor shops until midnight, and numerous complaints against him have been filed in the past.

The villagers dragged the accused on the road and tore his clothes.

The local residents demanded a compensation of 50 lakh rupees for the victim’s family and called for the accused to be sentenced to death. Bhupendra Singh, the accused, serves in the FST (Forensic Science Team) and was assigned to Rahuvash under election duty. He had arrived at Rahuvash just 15 days before the incident.

The Accused Was Demanded to Act by Leaders Upon Their Arrival

Political figures, including MP Dr. Kirori Lal Meena and BJP leader Rambilas Meena, arrived at Rahuvash on Friday evening at 5 PM to discuss the incident with the administration. In response to the protests, a police team, including Lalitpur ASP Ramchandra Singh Nehra and Dausa DSP Kalulal Meena, was dispatched to the scene. A FIR against the accused Sub-Inspector Bhupendra has been registered on Friday late evening.

ASP Ramchandra Singh Nehra explained that a case has been registered against Sub-Inspector Bhupendra under the POCSO Act, and due to the nature of the case, detailed information cannot be disclosed at this point. An investigation has been initiated, and appropriate action will be taken according to the law. The accused Sub-Inspector is currently stationed at Dausa Police Lines and is in custody.

Sitaran Maurya, the National Vice President of the Rager community, demanded a compensation of 50 lakh rupees for the victim’s family, government employment, and the safety of relatives. He also called for strict punishment for the accused.

Currently, the investigation of the case has been entrusted to ASP Shankarlal Meena of the Women’s Cell, who has recorded the statement of the victimized child to commence the inquiry.

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