Teacher Called Girl Student For Paper Check, Touched Her In Bad way, Student Run With Bare Feet

A teacher from a private school in Patan had called one of her own students home to check papers. However, he proceeded to harass and molest her, creating an uproar. The cunning teacher, wanting to avoid exposure, took the student to her own house to give the papers. When she attempted coercion, the terrified student fled from there. Upon reaching the street, she informed others and her parents via phone. Outraged by the incident, the public publicly shamed the deceitful teacher. Later, the police took the teacher to the police station. The police noted the complaint of the harassed student and are investigating the matter further.

What Do the Overall Incidents Indicate?

According to the complaint filed by the aggrieved student, a physical education teacher at a school in Patan, Ranjit Chaudhary, had messaged her to come home on a Sunday to check the school papers. When the student’s mother questioned why she was not asked to come for the paper check, the teacher responded that it was convenient to have the student at home. Thus, the teacher called the student to her home, claiming it would be enjoyable. Consequently, the student arrived at Anand Sarovar by taking her mobile phone with her. When the teacher was caught checking papers at home, she hurriedly took the student to a society near the Palika Bazaar.

Harassment Under the Guise of Paper Checking

The teacher had been teaching the student how to check papers at her home. During this time, she deceitfully touched the student’s body parts with her hands, which made the student realize the teacher’s malicious intentions and caused her to leave. Afterward, the student ran to the Palika Bazaar where she saw her brother eating panipuri. She disclosed the entire ordeal to her brother and parents through a mobile phone call, prompting them to rush to the scene.

Teacher Publicly Shamed

An uproar erupted as the teacher was called to the Palika Bazaar. The crowded marketplace attracted attention. People publicly shamed the teacher who had harassed the student. When toilets became overcrowded, the incident was reported to the B Division Police for creating a public nuisance. Consequently, the police arrived at the scene and took action. Subsequently, the teacher was called to the B Division, where the complaint of the harassed student was registered, leading to further investigation.

What Did the Police Say?

In response to the incident, Patan B Division PI R.K. Solanki stated that the accused had been swiftly arrested. Witness statements and medical checkups have been initiated. The accused will be presented in court soon. There is also an ongoing investigation into the allegations against the teacher, including allegations of harassment previously.

Father of the Student’s Statement

The father of the harassed student revealed that the teacher had called her to check papers. Although they were not inclined to go, the teacher insisted, and they ended up at a place for the paper check. Later, the teacher took the student to her room and then to her house. When the father realized the truth, they immediately went to the police station and informed the police about the incident.

Teacher Faces Legal Action

The incident involving Ranjit Chaudhary, who had been fulfilling his duties as a teacher at a prestigious school in the city, was brought to light by the school authorities. The matter was discussed in a meeting. We condemn this incident in strong terms. Consequently, immediate action has been taken to suspend the cunning teacher, Ranjit Chaudhary, from his duties as a teacher, as confirmed by the school’s administrator on Monday. The student’s complaint has been taken seriously, and appropriate action is being taken. The school’s management, along with the teacher’s family and associates, has also submitted a report to the Police

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