Tragic Wall Collapse Near Dada Hari Ni Vav, Ahmedabad: 2 Fatalities, 3 Injured; Over 5 Vehicles Trapped

In the vicinity of Dada Harir Stepwell in Asarwa, Ahmedabad, a railway wall collapsed, leading to a tragic incident where five individuals were buried. Among them, two lost their lives at the site of the incident. 

Meanwhile, the remaining three were rushed to Civil Hospital via 108 ambulance services for immediate medical attention. Upon receiving information about the incident, the firefighting team promptly arrived at the scene. 

Before the arrival of the fire brigade, local residents had already rescued all individuals from the debris. Sadly, two individuals were pronounced dead at the scene, while the other three, in critical condition, were immediately transported to Civil Hospital in 108 ambulances for urgent medical care.

Search Operation Underway

Search Operation Underway: Fire Brigade Investigates Wall Collapse

Following the statement by the fire brigade officials, details regarding the structural stability of the wall and the circumstances surrounding the presence of individuals near the wall remain unknown. 

The fire brigade team is currently conducting a search operation under the debris to determine why a person is trapped and to assess the ongoing risks.


  • Mansi Kuniram Jatav (Age: 55)
  • Siddique Pathan (Age: 40)


  • Ganpatsinh Gajusinh Vaghela (Age: 50)
  • Mahendra Sendhaji Thakor (Age: 37)
  • Shaheed Nizamuddin (Age: 40)

Local Heroes Rescue Individuals Trapped Under Collapsed Wall

This morning at around 10:30 AM, the Fire Brigade Control Room received a message indicating that behind Dada Hari Ni Vav in Asarwa, near a railway parallel wall, an incident had occurred where several individuals were trapped under the collapsed wall. 

Acting swiftly upon receiving this information, two teams from the fire brigade were immediately dispatched. Upon reaching the scene, fire brigade officials found that local residents had already initiated rescue efforts. 

Prior to the arrival of the fire brigade, these local heroes had begun the rescue operation, pulling out individuals who were trapped under the collapsed wall.

Local Heroes Rescue Individuals Trapped Under Collapsed Wall

Hospitalization for the Injured

In a swift response to the incident, local residents immediately began rescuing individuals seen outside. They were promptly evacuated and transported outside for medical attention, with the assistance of 108 ambulances. 

All five individuals were rescued by locals, among whom two were unfortunately found deceased at the scene. The three survivors, in stable condition, were rushed to the hospital for further treatment. Investigation into why these individuals were present near the railway wall and what prompted them to stay in that vicinity has commenced.

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