BJP Activist Rams Rickshaw While Drunk Driving in Vadodara: CCTV Footage Captures Horrific Incident

Two-wheelers collide in Vadodara

Near the Gotri Kalpavruksha tree in Vadodara city, two BJP workers collided with each other while driving intoxicated. The accident involved a moped driven by a mother with her two children, along with three other individuals on the road. Fortunately, there were no casualties reported in the incident. The event was captured on CCTV and brought to the attention of the police. The police have taken action against the rickshaw driver involved. In another incident, a car driver hit Nayanaben Mali’s moped while she was taking her two children home from the showroom. Harsh Bhatt, a BJP worker who was driving while intoxicated, crashed into Nayanaben’s moped by jumping the divider. Consequently, Nayanaben and her children were injured in the road accident.

BJP’s identity card found during investigation into drunken driving

In an incident involving a drunk driver, a rickshaw driver collided with another vehicle. Residents gathered at the scene. The intoxicated rickshaw driver, Harsh Bhatt, fled the scene but was apprehended before he could escape. During the investigation, a BJP worker’s identity card was found in the rickshaw, identifying him as part of the BJP cadre.

My son was hit by a rickshaw again: Naynaben

Naynaben, who suffered from an accident, expressed anger, stating that she and her two sons were passing by Gotri Road near Kalpavruksha when, in the midst of it all, an auto-rickshaw driver diverted her rickshaw, causing her moped to veer off course. The rickshaw struck me and my two sons on the road. One son was knocked down by the rickshaw’s wheel. What would have happened to him? The rickshaw driver is intoxicated with alcohol. Such drunkards should be given strict punishment.

The locals reported the intoxicated BJP activist, Haresh, to the police who arrived at the scene promptly. This incident also disrupted the traffic flow on Pagla Road. Fortunately, there were no major casualties in this incident. Nayanaben Mali, the victim of the accident, along with her two children, was shaken by the event. The Gotri police have filed charges against the rickshaw driver and are taking action against him.

After the completion of the funeral rites, work on the road has been neglected. Following this, a car driver, unable to see the divider due to darkness, accidentally climbed onto it near the Sewsari-Sindharot Road. Work on this road is currently ongoing. Due to the uneven and rough roads, drivers have been facing difficulties for quite some time. Although the BJP leaders had initiated the process of road construction eight months ago, the work on the road has not yet commenced.

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