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All Users to Enjoy Audio-Video Calling on X: No Need for Mobile Numbers, Service Launched in October 2023

A recent announcement by the company has unveiled that all users on the social media platform X will now be able to engage in audio-video calling. This feature was rolled out by X last October, initially accessible to premium subscribers and IOS users. To enable this feature on X, users will need to navigate to their settings and tap on privacy and safety. 

Within this section, an option for direct messaging will appear, where users can enable audio and video calling. Once the feature is enabled, users can choose whether verified users, followers, or people from their Facebook contacts can initiate calls. This enhancement is poised to transform user interactions on X, offering a more dynamic and immersive communication experience.

Process of Making Audio or Video Calls

Process of Making Audio or Video Calls

To make audio or video calls, tap on the inbox icon, and you will be directed to messages.

Tap on the current DM conversation or start a new chat.

  • To initiate an audio or video call, tap on the phone icon.
  • Now, to start an audio call, tap on the audio call option.
  • For initiating a video call, tap on the video call option.
  • You will receive a notification when someone calls you on the account.

To Manage Audio-Video Calls:

During an audio call, tap on the audio icon to place a call through your speaker. You can also tap the microphone icon to mute or unmute your microphone.

During a video call, tap on the flip camera icon to switch between the front and back cameras. You can turn off the speaker mode by tapping on the audio icon. Tapping the camera icon will disable the camera.

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