Rahul Gandhi Remarks on PM Modi’s Caste: Born in Teli Caste, Not OBC

Modi’s caste was brought into the OBC category by the BJP in 2000. Your Prime Minister was not born in OBC, the Prime Minister was born in the Teli (general) caste. They are lying in front of the whole world that they were born in OBC. They don’t count their caste in their entire life. The caste count will be done by the Congress Party and Rahul Gandhi.”

Rahul Gandhi’s Critique on Privileges and Expenses

Rahul Gandhi remarked, “The Prime Minister’s salary is Rs. 1,60,000 per month. In the morning, they wear suits worth 2-3 lakhs. Then in the evening, they wear another suit worth 4-5 lakhs. Look at lunch, they wear a new suit and shoes worth 3-4 lakhs. That means 7-8 lakhs every day. They are receiving Rs. 1,60,000 per month and how are they spending 2-3 crores, where does this money come from?”

Promoting Love in the Market of Hatred

Rahul said, “When Bharat Jodo Yatra was completed, people said you have traveled from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, but what about other states? Which you have missed. After this, we started Nyay Yatra from Manipur, so we will keep spreading love in the market of hatred.”

OBCs and Dalits Denied Their Rights

Rahul Gandhi stated that 50% of the people are OBCs, 23% are Dalits and Adivasis. They do not get their rights. Moreover, these people do not have jobs nor any power in their hands. In such a situation, how can India be connected? There is not even a single OBC, Dalit or Adivasi in the top management of the corporate.

Upholding Social Justice Through Caste Census

He emphasized, “They say 24×7, I am OBC. I say Mr. Modi, you are not OBC, you belong to the Teli caste. So, we want to know how many people of which caste are there in the country. This is a matter of social justice. Congress will not step back from this.

Niyati Rao

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