Youth Killed in Vadodara: CP Criticized for Lack of Action, Heavy Vehicles Enter Despite Police Presence

Yesterday morning in Vadodara city, a young man tragically lost his life when a dumper collided with his bike while he was talking on his mobile phone. Since then, heavy vehicles, including dumpers, have been entering the city with impunity. Despite police presence, overloaded vehicles continue to pose a threat to people’s lives.

In response, strict measures have been implemented in the city. Entry of heavy vehicles into the city is prohibited from 7 AM to 1 PM in the morning and from 4 PM to 9 PM in the evening. A public announcement has been made regarding this restriction. Today morning, a team from Divya Bhaskar reached Akshar Chowk in Vadodara city at 11 AM, where heavy vehicles were observed entering the city. Additionally, several vehicles without proper registration numbers were spotted, some of which were overloaded with garbage and goods.

Afterward, the team from Divya Bhaskar reached Sushen Circle, where no police personnel were present except for one traffic constable. This constable had been given instructions only to provide memos and not to detain vehicles, hence heavy vehicles were observed entering the city freely. Subsequently, when the Divya Bhaskar team reached Wadi Circle, heavy vehicles were still seen entering the city in the presence of police officers. However, no action was taken to detain these vehicles.

Heavy influx of vehicles observed in police presence Yesterday, after the tragic death of a youth due to a dumper collision in Vadodara, the Vadodara Traffic Police detained several vehicles. Despite this, heavy vehicles were seen freely entering the city, endangering people’s lives. In Vadodara, occasional accidents due to dumper collisions result in loss of lives, yet the Vadodara Traffic Police does not take any stringent action to restrict the entry of heavy vehicles into the city. The Vadodara City Police Commissioner’s strict ban on heavy vehicles seems to be merely on paper.

The police released statistics three days ago stating that in the last three months, Vadodara Traffic Police has taken legal action against around 450 heavy vehicle drivers. On a daily basis, only five heavy vehicles are caught, and the police take action against them by issuing memos. However, stringent action is not being taken against heavy vehicle drivers who pose a risk to people’s lives. The lack of strict enforcement against heavy vehicles is a significant concern.

Currently, the situation is challenging, according to CP Jhumbesh. Joint Police Commissioner Manoj Ninama stated that heavy vehicles are seen moving freely during restricted hours in Vadodara city, leading to accidents. Consequently, efforts are underway to enforce strict measures. Task forces are also working, but some vehicles manage to enter the city by chance. Those vehicles are being detained for further action.

Yesterday morning, a fatal accident occurred between a bike rider and a dumper driver near Samta Road in Vadodara. The collision resulted in the death of the bike rider on the spot, and the youth sitting behind him sustained injuries to his head. Upon the incident, officials and senior officers from Lakshmipura Police rushed to the scene. The body was then taken to SSG Hospital for further procedures. The dumper driver admitted that he was talking on the phone and accidentally collided with the bike. Moreover, questions have been raised about the efficiency of traffic police during restricted hours for heavy vehicles, as dumpers continue to operate in the city during these times.

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