Sabarkantha Collector Naimesh Dave Files Complaint Against SK Langa and K. Rajesh in Another Controversy – Watch Video

Sabarkantha Collector Naimesh Dave has filed a complaint with the ACB and Vigilance Commission, alleging corruption in collusion with land mafias. High Court lawyers have also raised corruption allegations alongside Nitin A. Nandan’s misdeeds, shedding light on the Collector’s corruption claims.

Currently, another highly discussed case involves SK Langa and K. Rajesh, who are facing controversy once again. Sabarkantha Collector Naimesh Dave has lodged a complaint against them, alleging corruption in collaboration with land mafias. High Court lawyers have also raised corruption allegations alongside the ongoing investigation into this matter.

In this case, allegations have also been made against the Home Minister and Chief Minister for their involvement in the high-level investigation. Farmers claim that their actions have caused damage to the government treasury, creating unrest among the farming community. The accusation extends to collusion between the Collector and land mafias, resulting in the displacement of farmers from their land. Land grabbing allegations have also been raised against the land mafias.

In Talod, Sabarkantha, arable land suitable for farming was allegedly usurped by land mafias. Despite court orders in favor of the rightful landowners, the Collector’s office was accused of being complicit in land grabs, even after incidents of intimidation and coercion by a farmer towards other farmers. The Collector reportedly refused to take action. Furthermore, allegations have been made against the Deputy Collector and Tehsildar for their involvement in these actions.

High Court lawyers have filed corruption allegations with supporting evidence. They have exposed the wrongdoings of Nitin A. Nandan and have also presented evidence related to corruption by the Sabarkantha Collector. Responsible authorities are being urged to take decisive action in the face of these serious allegations.

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