Total Solar Eclipse to Darken America for 4 Minutes Today

This morning at 11, darkness will fall over Mexico. This marks the beginning of the year’s first total solar eclipse. The effects of the total solar eclipse will also be witnessed in America. During the eclipse’s path, approximately 4 minutes and 28 seconds of darkness will occur in at least 12 states throughout the day. The frenzy in America over the eclipse is so high that a decision has been made to release 6 inmates in New York City just to watch it. These inmates had applied for permission to witness the eclipse.

Business Boom Due to Solar Eclipse:

According to Time magazine, there is a possibility of a business worth 13 billion rupees in America due to the solar eclipse. Ticket demand for flights along the eclipse’s route has increased by 1500%. The last total solar eclipse occurred in 2017, where darkness lasted for 2 minutes during the day. The impact of this solar eclipse will be greater and more widespread. The next total solar eclipse in the US will be in 2045.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

Due to the gravitational force of Earth and other planets, the sun revolves around the Earth. Earth completes one revolution around the sun in 365 days. The moon is a satellite that revolves around the Earth.

Historical Implications of Solar Eclipses:

Every 27 days, the moon revolves around Earth. During some of these revolutions, a situation arises when the moon comes between the sun and Earth, blocking the sun’s light from reaching Earth. This event is called a solar eclipse. Bradly Schaefer, an astronomer at Louisiana University, says that humans have been observing the sky with fear or reverence for thousands of years. In ancient times, the sun was considered a deity in almost every culture. Therefore, there are many stories and anecdotes related to solar eclipses.

War Prevented Due to Solar Eclipse 2600 Years Ago:

About 2,622 years ago, on the 28th of May, 585 BC, a war was prevented. According to Greek historian Herodotus, there was a war between the powerful empires of Media and Lydia on the banks of the Halys River in Turkey. King of Media insulted some of Lydia’s hunters. Instead of seeking revenge, the hunters killed the king’s son and fled to the neighboring kingdom of Lydia.

When the king of Media demanded that Lydia hand over his son’s killers, the Lydia king refused. Outraged, the Media king attacked Lydia. Despite six years of war, there was no end in sight. Herodotus writes, “One day, when both armies were engaged in battle, suddenly darkness began to envelop the day. It was a total solar eclipse. Media and Lydia were amazed at this change, and on that very day, they decided to stop the war.”

Failure to Predict Solar Eclipse Leads to Death Penalty for Astrologers:

According to NASA, 4,156 years ago, on October 22, 2134 BC, two astrologers were sentenced to death in China. The reason was their failure to predict a solar eclipse. At that time, there was a belief in China that a king would die on the day of a solar eclipse. Hence, two astrologers were appointed in the court to provide information about the eclipse. Similar beliefs were prevalent in Mesopotamia. There, it was believed that if a king died within 100 days of a solar eclipse, his death was caused by it. In such situations, the king would spend some time in seclusion and reside in the farmers’ huts in the remote regions to escape death.

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