Surat Factory Producing Fake Dove Shampoo And Vimal Supplies Bihar: Duplicate Products Scandal

The Olpad Police in Surat district raided a warehouse operating fake products in the GIDC area. Among them, a counterfeit company producing branded products such as Vimal and Dove shampoo was targeted by the police. A total of 50.16 lakh worth of goods, including fake Vimal and Dove shampoo, were seized, and action was taken against the illegal business operating in the area. It’s noteworthy that all these products were being supplied from Surat to Bihar.


Beware… Real-like Counterfeit Sold

In a surprising turn of events, news emerged in Surat district where people were given sachets of shampoo while buying tobacco and pan masala. Olpad Police cracked down on this racket involving counterfeit Vimal pan-masala, gutka, and Dove shampoo. It was discovered that a company in the GIDC area of Olpad taluka was illegally manufacturing Vimal and Dove shampoo. The police conducted raids at midnight, shocking the perpetrators. They didn’t possess licenses for production, leading to police action.

Manufacturing Liquid Shampoo

In this company, Vimal pan-masala and tobacco were packed in boxes using different machines, while liquid shampoo was packed using a separate machine in drums. Police seized a total of 50.16 lakh worth of goods, including 21.85 lakh worth of Vimal and 28.31 lakh worth of Dove shampoo, along with different machines. Abdul Hafiz and Manoj Kumar Yadav, who rented the warehouse, and workers like Intekhab Ahmed, Sandeep Yadav, Rahul Sonkar, and Sunil Nishad were involved in the illegal operation.

All Products Supplied in Bihar State

During interrogation by the police, it was revealed in the initial inquiry that all these products were supplied in Bihar state. Currently, the police have summoned the FSL team to the site to investigate which chemicals were used in the fake shampoo and Vimal products, where these batches were distributed, and how counterfeit products were introduced into the market.

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