LCB Police Team Solves Murder: Accused, Coerced by Girlfriend, Murders Brother Disguised as Beggar

The cousin’s brother from Baleta village in Vijayanagar had devised a plan to execute a murder stemming from a 15-year-old feud, hatching the scheme two and a half months prior. In a bid to carry out the crime, he engaged the services of a hitman, agreeing to a payment of one lakh rupees. The execution of the plot involved four individuals, one of whom was the girlfriend orchestrating the trap. The victim, the brother, was lured into a car where he was subsequently strangled by the assailants dressed in beggar’s attire. To further conceal their identities, acid was employed. The apprehension of these perpetrators, including the woman, transpired in Ahmedabad. The collaborative efforts of three Police Sub-Inspectors (PSIs) and 25 police personnel from the Local Crime Branch (LCB) culminated in the successful resolution of the case. The investigation unfolded through the concerted work of three distinct teams, ultimately leading to the apprehension of the accused.

Revelation of Fratricide: Cousin Unveiled as Brother’s Murderer

On November 3, approximately 26 days ago, an unidentified male body was discovered near Baleta village in the Sabarkantha district of Vijayanagar. Subsequently, the Chithoda police station initiated a murder case and commenced efforts to ascertain the identity of the deceased. The task of uncovering the perpetrator behind this act fell into the hands of the Sabarkantha Local Crime Branch (LCB).

Following the LCB’s official registration of the case, a dedicated team of 25 police personnel, led by three Police Sub-Inspectors (PSIs), diligently engaged in a comprehensive investigation. Over the course of 20 days, these teams meticulously examined CCTV footage along the route from Baleta in Vijayanagar to Ahmedabad.

A crucial breakthrough surfaced in the form of CCTV footage capturing a vehicle’s presence near Gayatri Mandir Road in Himmatnagar. This discovery marked a pivotal point in the investigation, steering the authorities closer to unraveling the mystery of the murder.

The body was dumped and acid was sprayed to hide the identity

Retribution Arising from a 15-Year-Old Feud

The investigative process unveiled pertinent information from the owner of the identified car. It was disclosed that the vehicle had been sold five months prior to Bhairulal Valjibhai Ghairi, a resident of Jariyana village in the Sabla taluk of Dungarpur district, Rajasthan. This transaction transpired through the intermediary, Ramesh Kalal. As the Local Crime Branch (LCB) proceeded to question Ramesh Kalal and Bhairulal Ghairi to establish the connection to the murder, startling revelations emerged.

On November 2, 2023, it was discovered that both Ramesh Kalal and the deceased, Dinesh Kalal, shared a familial relationship as brothers hailing from the same village. The roots of animosity traced back 15 years when the two cousins engaged in disputes over land and family matters. Ramesh Kalal had, in a calculated move, devised a plan to eliminate his cousin, Dinesh Kalal, two and a half months prior.

In accordance with the scheme, Ramesh sought the assistance of Bhairulal Ghairi, Vinodkumar Gayri, and Ramesh’s girlfriend, Kamlaben Yadav. The execution of the plot involved luring Dinesh Kalal into a romantic entanglement. On the evening of November 2, Kamlaben Yadav orchestrated a meeting with Dinesh Kalal at Gayatri Mandir Road in Himmatnagar.

Ramesh Kalal, along with accomplices Bhairulal Gayri and Vinodkumar Gayri, orchestrated the abduction of Dinesh Kalal near Gayatri Mandir in Himmatnagar. The trio utilized a Tata Manja car to transport Dinesh Kalal, whom they had subdued and placed in the vehicle. During the journey from Himmatnagar to Vijayanagar, passing through Gambhoi, Shamlaji Ashram, Bhiloda, and Chithoda, the perpetrators, Bherulal Gayri and Vinodkumar Gayri, executed the heinous act of strangling Dinesh Kalal with a handkerchief. The victim had been deliberately disguised in beggar’s attire to further obfuscate his identity during the ordeal.

Subsequent to the murder, Dinesh Kalal’s lifeless body was callously discarded along the roadside in the outskirts of Baleta village in Vijayanagar. To thwart any attempts at identification, the assailants procured acid from Ahmedabad and callously poured it on the victim’s face. The perpetrators, Ramesh Kalal, Bhairulal Gayri, and Vinodkumar Gayri, the principal figures in this heinous act, proceeded to travel to Ahmedabad under the cover of darkness via Vijayanagar, Idar, and Himmatnagar in the Tata Manja vehicle.

Arrest of the Accused in Ahmedabad

The law enforcement swiftly initiated a targeted operation and apprehended all the implicated individuals from Ahmedabad. Subsequently, following their apprehension, the accused were escorted to the police station where an exhaustive and stringent interrogation process ensued. In the wake of thorough questioning, the accused individuals admitted to their involvement in the crime.

The police, exhibiting commendable coordination, assembled a dedicated team comprising 25 law enforcement officers, including three Police Sub-Inspectors (PSIs). This collaborative effort proved instrumental in successfully tracking down and detaining the accused involved in this murder case. The individuals taken into custody include Ramesh Gautam Kalal, Bherulal alias Lalo Veljibhai Gayri (Bharwad), Vinodkumar alias Kaluram Kevji Gayri (Bharwad), and Kamlaben Ogtubhai Yadav.

Criminal Background of the Accused

Ramesh Gautamji Kalal has a history of criminal involvement, with a prior case registered against him seven years ago at Sallara Police Station for the illegal sale of a vehicle.

Bherulal Veljibhai Gayri has a more serious criminal record, having been implicated in the fatal assault of Gajraj Singh Rajput in Chundawala (Rajasthan) six years ago. This crime was linked to the manipulation of English liquor. Consequently, a case was registered at Bichiwada (Rajasthan) Police Station, resulting in a three-year incarceration for Bherulal.

Vinodkumar Kavaji Gayri, on the other hand, has a recent case registered against him at Luhariya Police Station. The charges pertain to an incident from a year ago, where he fled the scene after physically assaulting his sister.

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