Kidnapping Unravels Five-Year-Old Murder Plot: Neighbor’s Scheme for Extortion Finally Exposed, Police Make Arrest

Yash Sanjeevkumar, a 19-year-old resident of Anjar, who was studying pharmacy at Adipur College, has been reported missing since he left for college on November 6. According to the police, there are suspicions of kidnapping and murder in his case, and the investigation is underway. Yash’s father, Sanjeevkumar, who resides in Delhi, immediately approached the police, and a thorough search was initiated.

Yash was last seen on his Pleasure moped on November 6, heading to college at around 7 AM. When his mother, Rekha, called him after some time, the call was abruptly cut. Subsequently, she received a call from an unknown number, informing her about Yash’s kidnapping and demanding a ransom of one crore rupees for his release.

The police immediately launched an extensive search operation, involving teams from Anjar, Adipur, J.I.D.C., Adipur Bus Stand Road, and the surrounding areas. They analyzed 350 CCTV cameras and gathered data from technical surveillance. The investigation revealed that Yash was misled by the kidnappers, who had disguised themselves as his college mates. They convinced him to change into a hoodie behind Bawalna’s Hanuman Temple, where the incident occurred.

As the investigation progressed, it was discovered that Yash was taken to a remote location near the Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple and brutally murdered. The police found the video footage shared on social media, where the kidnappers had recorded and shared the heinous act. The police, led by Deputy SP Mukesh Chaudhary, SP Sagar Bagmar, and Range IG J.R. Mothaliya, arrested the accused and presented them before the magistrate.

Yash’s father, Sanjeevkumar, who had rushed to Anjar, expressed his gratitude towards the police for their swift action. The motive behind the crime seems to be a personal dispute involving Yash’s former neighbor, Rajesh Kalaria, and Kishan Mavji Sanch. The financial difficulties faced by Rajesh led him to plan and execute the kidnapping for ransom.

This tragic incident has shaken the community, and the police have ensured a thorough investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Niyati Rao

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