Midnight Kidnapping: Yash, Son of Timber Merchant Sanjeev Tomar, Demands Rs. 1.25 Crore Ransom

Living in Anjar, the 19-year-old son of a timber merchant has been kidnapped, with the perpetrators demanding a ransom of one hundred million rupees. The incident has caused a stir in the local police, including the special branch, conducting intensive investigations involving ten different teams.

Phone Call Seeking a Ransom of 100 Million Rupees in Anjar

In Anjar’s Meghpur 2 area, the 19-year-old Yash Sanjivkumar Tomar, who resides in Mangalam Residence, was kidnapped. He had left for college as usual around 10 in the morning but did not return by 5 in the evening. His mother received a call from an unknown number, informing her about Yash’s kidnapping and demanding a ransom of one hundred million rupees.

Sanjiv Tomar Rushes from Delhi to Anjar

Upon learning about the incident, Yash’s father, Sanjiv Tomar, who is a business and broker in Delhi, immediately rushed to Anjar. He arrived in Anjar, which is the place of the incident, running from Delhi.

Ten Teams Formed to Search for Yash

Yash’s mother approached the Anjar police station at 11 in the night. The police, noting down the details of the unknown person involved in the crime, initiated an immediate investigation. Yash’s father, Sanjiv Tomar, is a timber merchant and broker. They had been in Delhi for business but returned today.

Immediate Investigation Launched by SP S.D. Sisodiya

As soon as the incident unfolded, Anjar PI S.D. Sisodiya took quick action. With the immediate attention of higher-ranking officers, including SP Sagar Bagmar and Deputy Police Superintendent Mukesh Chaudhary, a total of 10 teams from LCB, SOG, and other police departments were formed to conduct a thorough investigation.

Yash Seen with Another Person in CCTV Footage

CCTV footage revealed Yash in the vicinity of Adipur Santoshi Mata’s temple. At that time, an unknown person was also seen sitting behind him. The police traced the phone number from which Yash’s mother received the call and found it to be associated with a fruit vendor in Gandhidham. The person with the ID matching this vendor denies any knowledge of the incident.

Currently Unavailable, the Number from Which Ransom Was Demanded

Police tried to reach Yash’s friends for discussions but found no specific lead. Yash’s mobile phone remains switched off consistently, and his vehicle has not been located. The number from which the ransom was demanded has also been deactivated, and subsequent calls have not been answered. The police are intensively investigating 52 jewelry shops in connection with the case.

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