Tragic End: 23-Year-Old Found Dead Near Nandesari Petrochemical Company, Vadodara

A disturbing incident has occurred near the Nandesari Petrol Chemicals Company in Vadodara, where the body of a young man has been found under suspicious circumstances, sparking chaos. The police have initiated a primary investigation into the possibility of the deceased having been shot. Upon finding a revolver near the deceased youth, the case was escalated, with the involvement of a team from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) along with the Jawaharnagar Police for further investigation.

According to available details, in the jurisdiction of the Nandesari Police Station in Vadodara city, a 23-year-old youth’s body has been found under suspicious circumstances near the premises of the Petrofiles Company. Active poison and a revolver have been found near the deceased. The deceased has been identified as Samir Rathod, the son of Maksudbhai Rathod from Koyali village. The family has been informed immediately about the incident, and they have reached the scene of the incident without delay.

In a telephone conversation revealed by Jaaheranagar Police’s PI A.B. Mori, it was disclosed that the youth in question is 23 years old. In the preliminary investigation, it was determined that he committed suicide and a mobile phone was found with him. Chatting with his friend was found on the mobile, where it was revealed that he was upset about not settling well in his engagement. Based on the chat with his friend, it seems that he was mentally disturbed, which has come to light in the preliminary investigation by the police.

In the investigation, it has been revealed that the youth had purchased the revolver from Bhayyaji in the year 2019-20. Further information regarding this matter is being sought to inform the family, as an active and functional revolver was found with him. The case is under further investigation, and the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) has been involved to gather more evidence. The body of the youth has been taken into custody by the police and will undergo a post-mortem examination at a designated hospital. While concerns about the youth’s death persist, the true cause will be determined after the FSL report is received.

Niyati Rao

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