Hit and Run: Unlicensed Driver Drives Through Night, Apprehends Victim, Forces Student into the Shop

On Friday morning, at around seven o’clock, a car veered out of control at Trishul Chowk on Saharkar Road. The driver lost control of the steering wheel, leading to a collision with Nalinbhai Narotambhai Siddhpura (age 50), who was passing by. Following the mishap, the car collided with a scooter parked near the Rameshwar Temple. 

Three individuals, including two students, were seated outside a nearby beauty parlor, awaiting a bus. As the car approached them, chaos ensued, resulting in Kumkum Maheshbhai Kanani (age 18) being struck by the car and thrown onto the pavement outside the shop, causing damage to the shop’s shutter and the glass inside.

Tragic Accident Claims Life in Bhaktinagar: Police Intervenes

In a devastating turn of events, a gathering of people witnessed the aftermath of an unexpected accident near Bhaktinagar Police Station. Nalinbhai and student Kumkum, injured in the accident, were rushed to the hospital, where Nalinbhai succumbed to his severe injuries. A team led by PI Mayurdhwajsingh Sarwaiya from Bhaktinagar Police Station swiftly responded to the scene. They apprehended the driver, Sunny Mahendra Dahima who lives near Sinduria Khan. 

According to Sunny, the car belonged to Vishal, who had lent it to him three days prior. Vishal intended the car to be repaired, hence the urgency in returning it to him.

Unlicensed Driving Leads to Tragic Incident

Unlicensed Driving Leads to Tragic Incident

On Thursday night, Bharat Dabhi was driving a car when Sunny, lacking a license, joined him. With no traffic at night, it was Sunny’s first time behind the wheel, and throughout the night, they roamed the streets. 

When Sunny dropped Bharat off at his home and headed towards his own, the unfortunate accident occurred. The police noted the offense of driving without a license and registered a case of manslaughter against Kushwaha and Sunny.

Unfortunate Incident: Pedal Mistaken for Brake, Car Turns Uncontrollable

Unfortunate Incident: Pedal Mistaken for Brake, Car Turns Uncontrollable

Sunny Dahima had a harrowing encounter with the police when he inadvertently mistook the accelerator for the brake, resulting in a calamitous turn of events. He revealed that he had never driven a car before in his life. While driving with Bharat Dabhi late at night, Sunny accidentally stepped on the accelerator. After dropping Bharat off and setting out again, they approached Trishul Chowk, intending to apply the brakes. 

However, in a panic, Sunny pressed his foot on what he thought was the brake pedal, but it turned out to be the accelerator. Consequently, the car spun out of control, causing distress among the occupants, including adults and a student. The car ultimately crashed into a shopfront, leaving everyone shaken by the sudden turn of events.

When the speeding car came in front, one student ran to save her life, the other could not stand up.

Concerns Raised Over Suspected Drug Use Lead to Medical Examination

Amid concerns about his addiction to ganja and other drugs, Sunny Dahima found himself under primary police investigation. Suspicions of drug consumption arose as Sunny and his friend Bharat Dabhi were observed driving throughout the night, raising doubts about possible substance abuse. 

In light of these concerns, the police arranged for Sunny Dahima to undergo a medical examination on Friday night. Following the report, authorities directed further inquiries into the matter, signaling a heightened scrutiny over the issue of drug use.

Multiple Incidents of Theft: Family Severs Ties Amidst Police Investigation

Sunny Mahendra Dahima has been implicated in multiple instances of mobile phone theft, leading to police intervention and subsequent investigation. Sources from the police department revealed that Sunny has been involved in at least eight cases of theft, each investigated by the authorities. 

However, the situation has taken a toll on Sunny’s familial relationships. His family members have severed ties with him, attributing their decision to his involvement in thefts and drug-related activities. Prior to this recent development, Sunny’s family had already issued public notices, explicitly stating their disassociation from him and declaring their unwillingness to engage in any dealings with him.

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