Chitkara University Launches Sustainable Initiative “Pledge”

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The Department of Fashion at Chitkara Design School, Chitkara University, has launched a sustainable initiative “Pledge”, which aims to inspire positive change and cultivate a new generation of fashion revolutionaries. This interdisciplinary awareness event has been designed to advocate for responsible consumption practices within Chitkara University. It aims to bring about a change through a variety of events, collaborations, and educational programs.

PLEDGE raising fashion revolutionaries at Chitkara University

Realizing the harm done to the environment due to fast fashion, students from the Fashion Department at Chitkara University led a campaign named “Swap Dont Shop” wherein they collected garments. The term ‘fast fashion’ refers to a large sector of the fashion industry whose business model relies on cheap and speedy production of low quality clothing, which gets pumped quickly through stores in order to meet the latest and newest trends. This is dangerous for the planet and leads to a lot of pollution. The “Swap Dont Shop” event encouraged the participants to exchange or donate clothing items that have been worn less, fostering a culture of reuse within the community. By collecting the garments from fellow community members, this initiative promoted a more sustainable approach to Fashion Consumption and also helped them understand about the effects of fast fashion.

Lauding the event, Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Pro Chancellor, Chitkara University, said, “The vision of “PLEDGE” is to redefine fashion by placing sustainability at its core. This initiative recognizes that a more inclusive and creative approach with collaborative efforts and commitment can lead to sustainable fashion and responsible consumption. Through events like these, we hope to encourage individuals to make mindful choices and contribute to a more sustainable and ethical world.”

The initiative, “Pledge” engaged industry designers of repute, including Nida Mahmood and Shruti Singh of Fashion Revolution India – a team which aspires for a sustainable fashion industry. The duo shared their insights, discussed the challenges and triumphs associated with sustainable fashion.

On the occasion, Nida Mahmood said, “India is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of textile and apparel providing employment to around 45 million people. We are also one of the largest consumer markets in the world. As such, our voices are bound to have a huge influence on the fashion industry in terms of the ethical treatment of supply chain workers and a cleaner and safer manufacturing process. Hence, it is pertinent for the students and people to know its effects.”

A workshop was also organized by Shubhi Sachan from the Material Library of India – which is focused on remodelling the use of industrial & agricultural waste materials by combining the knowledge and skills of traditional crafts with modern materials. During the workshop, Sachan talked about the Material Literacy and sustainability, which provided valuable guidance on how to incorporate eco-friendly choices into the daily lives.

The event was marked by a Grand Fashion Show organized in collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs, Chitkara University. The students from the Fashion Department took charge of curating and styling looks from the collected garments, showcasing their creativity. Furthermore, the PANACHE group contributed to the event with choreography and modeling, adding a dynamic and artistic dimension to the showcase.

About Chitkara University

Chitkara University, situated near Chandigarh, has emerged as the most vibrant and high-ranking University in North India. It is ranked among the top 5% of higher education institutions in India. The University is awarded NAAC A+ accreditation and has also been ranked by NIRF (National Institute Ranking Framework).

The University offers courses in Engineering and Technology, Business Management, Planning; Architecture, Art & Design, Mass Communication, Sales and Marketing, Hospitality Management, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Law, Psychology, and Education. Students studying at Chitkara get the best start-up support, world-class research excellence, and many internationally renowned opportunities.

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