Statue of Sardar Demolished For Ambedkar: Ujjain Idol Dispute Leads to Stone Pelting and Vandalism

In the expanse of Ujjain’s marketplace, on Thursday morning, two factions clashed face to face. This dispute arose over the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. One group used a tractor to pull down the statue and later vandalized it with wood and stones, leaving the other side dismayed.

Stone Pelting and Arson

Both sides engaged in stone pelting, and in anger, they vandalized several vehicles. Some cars were set on fire, and numerous shops were also targeted for vandalism.

Demand for Statues

Near the Macdon Market gate and bus stand, a vacant plot of land awaits. The Bhim Army desires to install a statue of Dr. Ambedkar here. Meanwhile, members of the Patel community are demanding the installation of Sardar Patel’s statue. The matter is under consideration by the panchayat.

Police Intervention

On Wednesday night, police arrived at the scene. Besides Ujjain and Tarana, heavy police presence was witnessed at the site of the incident. Additional SP Nitesh Bhargav also reached the scene and calmed both sides down. Police forces are vigilant at the site to prevent any escalation, and efforts are made to pacify the locals.

BJP’s Announcement

The BJP had announced the installation of Patel’s statue. Locals have revealed a dispute over land between wards 2, 8, and 9. In this vicinity, Dr. Ambedkar’s followers are increasing. They wish for Dr. Ambedkar’s statue to be installed here. Following the recent elections, BJP declared the intention to install Sardar Patel’s statue at the disputed site. The new bus stand will be named after Dr. Ambedkar.

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