Paresh Shah Main Accused In The BoatKand Arrested: Caught in Vadodara Seeking Legal Counsel, Police Claim

12 students and 2 teachers lost their lives when a boat capsized in Vadodara’s Harani Talav. The contract to operate this boat was with Paresh Shah, who had subcontracted it to someone else. Paresh Shah is the main accused in this incident and had evaded the police during the incident. Vadodara police have now arrested him from Halol-Vadodara Road. Discussions are also ongoing regarding Paresh Shah’s presence during the incident where a saint from Vadodara was also present. Gopaldas Shah, a relative of Paresh Shah, is currently absconding.

Arrested Suspects

  • Paresh Shah
  • Binit Kotiya
  • Nayan Gohil
  • Bhimsinh Yadav
  • Shantilal Solanki
  • Ankit Vasava
  • Ved Prakash Yadav
  • Rashmikant Prajapati
  • Gopaldas Shah

Paresh Shah Subcontracts to Another

According to available information, Kotiya Projects had secured a project through PPP, with 100% expenses borne by the lessee. It is alleged that Paresh Shah, under the name of the lessee, received a significant sum. Paresh Shah had also awarded the contract for the amusement park to Nilesh Shah, owner of Fun Time Arena. Details regarding who received the boating contract besides Nilesh Shah are still emerging.

Police Alerted During the Incident

During the incident, Paresh Shah, who is the primary accused, was seen fleeing the Harani Talav area while talking on the phone. This behavior was captured in a video and is the main accusation against him in the boat tragedy, which claimed the lives of 12 children and 2 teachers. Vadodara police have added Paresh Shah’s name to the FIR related to this incident as the main accused.

Paresh Shah Made No Rescue Attempt

It is reported that after the incident, Paresh Shah was seen at the Harani Talav site for a short time before leaving. Despite the drowning of 14 people and the need for assistance, there was no apparent attempt by Shah to rescue or manage the situation. Three female members of Shah’s family are also accused in the case as partners in the contract.

Paresh Named in Complaint Two Days Later

The incident of the boat capsizing with school children and teachers occurred in the Motnath Talav of Vadodara two days ago, claiming 23 children and 4 teachers. A total of 9 suspects have been arrested by the police so far in this case. Nillesh Jain, one of the suspects, is still at large. His name was added to the list of accused two days later, along with Paresh Shah’s, after both had fled.

Delayed Police Action Gives Suspects Time to Escape

The sudden deaths of children and the subsequent anger and agitation prompted Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel to rush from Gandhinagar to Vadodara. This indicated the seriousness of the incident, but until 24 hours later, there was no significant progress in the police investigation to apprehend the accused. The lax investigation policy allowed the suspects ample time to flee.

Gopaldas Shah Arrested Yesterday

Yesterday, Gopaldas Shah was apprehended by the SIT in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Crime branch officials then took him to Vadodara. Gopaldas Shah, along with the already arrested Paresh Shah, is accused in the drowning incident. So far, the police have arrested 9 suspects in this case, with 10 still absconding. Nilesh Jain remains at large despite police efforts. SIT is currently investigating this case.

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