10 Dog Attacks in Surat: Girl Strangled, Father Finds Dead Daughter in Bush

In Surat, there has been a rise in daily dog bite cases ranging from 35 to 40 incidents. Additionally, recent incidents involving innocent children being mauled to death by stray dogs have added to the concern. In Siddharth Nagar, Pandesara, a 4-year-old girl was attacked by 8 to 10 stray dogs while attempting to retrieve her calf from their grasp. The girl was fatally bitten and succumbed to her injuries before reaching the hospital, causing immense grief to her family.

Tragic Incident Involving a 4-Year-Old

According to available information, Kalubhai Devchand Arad, originally from Madhya Pradesh, currently resides with his wife, three sons, and a 4-year-old daughter named Surmila in Siddharth Nagar, Pandesara. Kalubhai and his wife work as laborers and were recently employed by Mahesh Company to install collars on boilers.

Outdoor Play Turns Fatal

When Kalubhai went to work, he used to take his two children, Surmila and Bajrangi, to their maternal grandmother’s house nearby. Consequently, both children would often play outside their home in the evening.

Attack by Stray Dogs Claims Lives

There are trees near their house where cows are often tied for grazing. Four dogs from among them attacked Surmila when she went to retrieve a calf. Suddenly, 8 to 10 dogs pounced on Surmila, biting her neck and causing her grievous injuries.

Declared Dead at the Hospital

Kalubhai informed that when he returned home from work, he did not see Surmila. Bajrangi then told him that Surmila had fallen in the trees there. Upon reaching, they found Surmila lying unconscious with dogs nearby. They scared away the dogs and rushed her to the newly established Civil Hospital for treatment, where she was declared dead.

Appeal for Capturing Stray Dogs

It has been noted that there is a growing menace of stray dogs in the area. An appeal has been made to capture these dogs. The municipality has been requested to take action as the number of dogs is increasing rapidly. It is imperative to capture and neuter them to control the population.

Surge in Cases Noted

Notably, the Anti-Rabies Department of Surat Civil Hospital has recorded daily cases of dog attacks ranging from 35 to 40. Around 55 to 60 individuals come daily for old doses of treatment, followed by examinations and appropriate medical care. In Pandesara and surrounding areas, there have been cases of children being attacked by dogs, causing serious injuries to the elderly.

Rush to Civil Hospital

In the expanding area of Dindoli, 6-year-old Prithviraj Amresh Chauhan resides with his family. His father works as a laborer, and until recently, Prithviraj used to play near his home. Suddenly, two dogs attacked him, leaving him with severe injuries on his hand and body. His mother rushed to his rescue, saving him. Subsequently, they rushed to the civil hospital.

Administration of Anti-Rabies Injection

In Pandesara locality, elderly Sureshbhai was walking near the vicinity of Prithviraj’s house when he was attacked by a dog, resulting in injuries to his leg. Following this incident, he was immediately taken to the civil hospital. There, he received an anti-rabies injection. Due to the severity of the situation, he was advised to take rest.

Children Targeted by Dog Attacks

Meghana Patel, a staff nurse from the Anti-Rabies Department, mentioned that currently, there are 35 to 40 new cases of dog attacks every day. Approximately 55 to 60 individuals visit for old doses. After examination, treatment is provided accordingly. Incidents of dog attacks targeting the elderly by children are reported from areas like Pandesara and Limbayat.

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