Vadodara Parents Assoc to Present Harni Boat Incident Conspiracy to Home & Education Ministers in Gandhinagar

The incident of the Vadodara Boat tragedy, which occurred twenty days ago, has yet to see any action taken by school authorities and corporation officials. Consequently, today, representatives of the Vadodara Parents Association are heading to Gandhinagar to appeal to the Home Minister and Education Minister. They intend to file complaints and demand appropriate action before the school management and corporation officials.

Appeal to the Home Minister and Education Minister

Previously, the Vadodara Parents Association had submitted applications to the Police Commissioner and the Collector, seeking action. However, as no steps have been taken, today, they are approaching the Home Minister and Education Minister in Gandhinagar to address their concerns.

Complaint Filed Solely with the Boat Agency: Kishor Pillaai

Kishor Pillaai, the head of the Vadodara Parents Association, stated that the Vadodara Boat incident has also been unresolved for twenty days. Currently, only a complaint has been filed with the Boat agency. Neither school authorities nor municipal corporation officials have received any complaints as of yet.

Rallying Parents for a Mass Protest in Vadodara

He further highlighted ongoing attempts to shield the school management and corporation officials, emphasizing the lack of success in these efforts. Any complaint lodged with the police only leads to the school’s negligence being exposed. As no action has been taken by the Vadodara local authorities, they are appealing to the Home Minister and Education Minister today. Moreover, if no response is forthcoming, they plan to approach the High Court and organize a mass protest in Vadodara city.

Demand for Justice for the Deceased

Deepak Thakar, Vice-President of the Vadodara Parents Association, revealed that there was gross negligence on the part of the corporation and school management. Children were sent on a risky journey without life jackets. While no fatalities occurred, it was a case of attempted murder. Currently, there have been no complaints filed against the corporation or school management, prompting them to approach the Home Minister and Education Minister today and demand justice for the deceased.

14 Accused Apprehended So Far

On January 18, 14 individuals, including 12 children, went missing in the Vadodara Lake zone. An SIT comprising senior police officials has been formed to investigate the case. The primary accused in the case, including Paresh Shah and accomplice Gopal Shah along with others like Binit Kotiya, among the 14 accused, have been swiftly apprehended. Currently, six accused are still at large.

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