Paresh Shah’s Family Missing: Police Unable to Find Clues Even After 19 Days in Vadodara Boat Tragedy

After 19 days of the boat accident in the Vadodara Deer Safari Zone, the main accused Paresh Shah’s family is still missing from police custody. Paresh Shah’s son Vatsal Shah, wife Nutan Shah, and daughter Vaishaki Shah are underground. Paresh Shah, the accused, had also made his relatives, including family members, partners in the deer safari zone. Currently, police teams are formed to trace the fugitive accused. However, even after 19 days of the accident, the police could not determine whether there was any damage to the boat or not.

Accused Still at Large

Although the boat accident occurred in the deer safari zone on January 18, none of the accused have been caught yet. In this case, the police are still forming teams to search for the fugitive accused. The main accused of the boat accident, Paresh Shah, has been arrested, but after questioning him, there are no clues about his family. Furthermore, other accused are also still at large from police custody.

Family Members Turned Partners in Safari Zone

The main accused in the boat accident case is Paresh Shah. Paresh Shah used to run the safari zone and had also made his relatives partners in the zone. Among them, Paresh Shah’s wife Nutan Shah, son Vatsal Shah, and daughter Vaishaki Shah were also partners in the safari zone. While Paresh Shah has been arrested, his wife, son, and daughter are still fugitives. Police have formed teams to start their search.

Doshi Family Also Implicated in Earning Money

Paresh Shah fell into the trap of earning money, and he involved his entire family as partners in the safari zone. However, he did not stop there. He also made Jatin Doshi, his son’s friend, a partner. Even Jatin Doshi’s daughter Tejal Doshi and his sister-in-law Neha Doshi are equal partners in the zone. The Doshi family has also been implicated in earning money and has ended up in jail.

14 Accused Arrested So Far

On January 18, a total of 14 lives were lost in the boat accident in the deer safari zone, including 12 children. To investigate this case, the police have formed a special investigation team of senior officials. So far, the main accused Paresh Shah, along with accomplices Gopal Shah and Binit Kotiya, and 14 other accused have been swiftly arrested. However, six accused are still at large.

Names of Arrested Accused:

  1. Nayan Gohil
  2. Bhimsingh Yadav
  3. Shantilal Solanki
  4. Ankit Vasava
  5. Veda Prakash Yadav
  6. Rashmikant Prajapati
  7. Binit Kotia
  8. Gopaldas Shah
  9. Paresh Shah
  10. Jatin Doshi
  11. Tejal Doshi
  12. Neha Doshi
  13. Nilesh Jain
  14. Alpesh Bhatt

Names of Absconding Accused:

  1. Vatsal Shah
  2. Deepen Shah
  3. Dharmil Shah
  4. Vaishakhi Shah
  5. Nutan Shah
  6. Dharmin Bathani

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