Vadodara Harni Lake Boat Tragedy: Main Accused Paresh Shah and Gopal Shah Remanded in Court for 9 Days

In the ongoing case pertaining to the boat tragedy at Harni Lake in Vadodara city, the main accused, Paresh Shah and Gopal Shah, appeared before the Vadodara court today. The court has granted a remand of 9 days for both the accused. There is a possibility of significant disclosures during the interrogation of both the accused.

Arrests Made in Vadodara Harni Lake Boat Tragedy

On January 18th, a tragic incident occurred at the Harni Lake zone in Vadodara, resulting in the deaths of 12 innocent children and 2 teachers. The incident involved a fatal boat accident, leading to allegations of negligence and culpability against individuals responsible for boat operations. Following the incident, the Harni Police Station received 19 complaints. Subsequently, 9 individuals have been apprehended in connection with the tragedy. Among those detained by the authorities include the primary suspects Paresh Shah and Gopal Shah. The police conducted swift actions in detaining the suspects.

Both were taken to court in police custody.

Paresh Shah Caught Amidst Frantic Movement; Gopal Shah Apprehended during Technical Surveillance

Paresh Ramanlal Shah was apprehended amidst frantic movements between Halol and Kalol, while Gopal Pranlal Shah was swiftly captured based on technical surveillance from a restaurant in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Initially traced to Maharashtra, including Malkapur, Amravati, and Nagpur, Paresh was later tracked to Raipur. Paresh was found consuming tea on a cart at 3:30 PM when the police intercepted him between Halol and Kalol.

Paresh Shah and Gopal Shah (both main accused)

Search Operations Commence for Other Suspects

During interrogation, Paresh Shah mentioned changing locations between Anand district and Panchmahal to evade detection. However, the police do not trust his statement. Separate teams of the police are conducting search operations for other suspects in various states.

Court granted 9 days remand.

Court Grants 9-Day Remand for Both Accused in Vadodara Case

Today, in the Vadodara court, the primary suspects Paresh Shah and Gopal Shah appeared, and the police sought a 10-day remand for them. However, the court approved a 9-day remand for both accused individuals. The police will endeavor to piece together the entire sequence of events through comprehensive questioning of the suspects.

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