Child Relieves Intolerable Pain, Receives Free 3 Crore Surgery in Ahmedabad

Today, a rare bladder exstrophy surgery was performed at Civil Hospital Ahmedabad to put an end to the congenital agony of a child. Under the guidance of pediatric experts from Civil Hospital and the supervision of Superintendent Dr. Rakesh Joshi, this complex surgery was conducted by doctors. Over 150 patients from various states of India as well as abroad, ranging from 1 year to 17 years of age, had arrived at Civil Hospital Ahmedabad for this surgery.

Foreign Doctor’s Presence for Child’s Surgery

Harshadbhai Vaghela, a resident of Nadiad in Kheda district, faced the issue of bladder exstrophy since birth with his 1-year-old son, Bhagyaraj Vaghela. Last year, the child was brought to Civil Hospital for evaluation, but due to his very young age, doctors at Civil Hospital advised a year’s observation. Later, during the bladder exstrophy seminar being conducted at Civil Hospital Ahmedabad under the supervision of Superintendent Dr. Rakesh Joshi, the presence of a foreign doctor facilitated the child’s surgery.

Bladder Exstrophy Present Since Birth

It was revealed by the child’s father that the bladder exstrophy had been present since birth, which required special attention to prevent any infections. If the bladder exstrophy becomes infected, it could lead to other illnesses. Additionally, the condition could hinder the child’s growth just like any regular child.

Treatment Costing 3 Crores Provided Free of Charge

Yesterday, during the bladder exstrophy seminar at Civil Hospital Ahmedabad, the child underwent surgery. This surgery, being highly complex, required continuous monitoring by pediatric experts for 12 hours straight, eventually rectifying the bladder exstrophy internally. While such surgeries cost around 3 crores in countries like the USA, Civil Hospital Ahmedabad provides such complex surgeries free of cost. Furthermore, after the surgery, the child will have to remain in the hospital for two months for further care, all of which will be provided free of charge at Civil Hospital.

Child’s Care Initiated at Civil Hospital

Another child, who hailed from Manipur, had a similar issue where he constantly urinated due to underdeveloped bladder exstrophy. After consulting doctors in Manipur, the family was advised to bring him to Civil Hospital Ahmedabad, where he underwent successful surgery. Currently, the child is undergoing care at Civil Hospital.

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