World Disability Day: Doctor Gifts Youth with New Life Amid Daily Challenges, Brings Joy to Families

Every year on December 3rd, the entire world celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, promoting equal rights and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. This occasion brings forth meaningful stories, such as that of Raj Dilipbhai Patel, a 27-year-old with twin disabilities in his upper and lower limbs, who faced challenges since 2016, affecting his daily activities. Despite the difficulties, Raj’s parents have supported and nurtured him, ensuring a meaningful life.

Positive Changes Found in Daily Activities

After eight years, when Raj’s daily routine saw some modifications, his parents noticed positive changes. Despite facing challenges and a similar situation to what occurred eight years prior, Raj’s parents took him to Dr. J.V. Modi at Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad, where significant interventions were made.

Confronting Many Challenges in Mobility

At this time, Raj struggled with basic movements and had to be taken to the hospital. Being a special child required different care, and many challenges were faced even during routine activities. Despite all these difficulties, Raj successfully underwent surgery in 2016, bringing relief.

Successful Operation Plan

Doctors, after conducting an MRI, discovered that pressure on Raj’s spinal cord caused difficulties in his fifth and sixth vertebrae, leading to issues in his lower limbs. Emergency surgery was required, but due to Raj’s special condition, maintaining an empty stomach for six hours before the operation posed a significant challenge. Dr. Modi successfully planned and executed the surgery, overcoming obstacles.

Family Joyfully Witnesses Improvement

Dr. Modi emphasizes the complexity of spinal surgeries, particularly in special children, where surgical procedures carry significant risks. The careful consideration of details is crucial. While routine surgeries for regular children can be completed within two hours, in this case, where the entire procedure was completed in two hours, the challenges were immense. Raj is now entirely healthy, capable of movement, and his family is joyfully witnessing the positive changes.

Now My Son Can Walk Properly

According to Raj’s mother Sangitaben Patel, both twins were born with disabilities, affecting one of their children more severely. Initially resistant to surgery, Sangitaben eventually agreed, and after a few days, the child faced challenges again. Dr. Modi performed another surgery, and now Raj walks properly, carrying out daily activities.

Remarkable Results Post-Surgery

Being born with a congenital disability that made constant movement difficult, Raj was determined. Questions about how to administer anesthesia to a young person with such challenges were prevalent, but the surgery was successful twice. Now, the youth can walk and engage in work, achieving remarkable results after the challenging surgery. Regular individuals may undergo such surgeries, but for special children like Raj, it was particularly challenging, making the post-surgery outcomes truly miraculous.


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