Prime Accused Paresh-Nilesh Subcontracted in Harni Lake Incident; Lack of Boating Training and Swimming Skills Raise Concerns

Tragic Boat Accident in Vadodara’s Harni Lake

A devastating incident occurred on January 18 evening when a boat carrying children and teachers capsized in Vadodara’s Harni lake, resulting in the tragic loss of 14 lives, including 12 children and 2 teachers.

Yesterday, the police took action by arresting six individuals in connection with the incident. City Police Commissioner Anup Singh Gelhot announced today that Paresh Shah and Nilesh Jain have been identified as additional main accused in the case, bringing the total number of accused to 19, with six currently in custody.

The investigation revealed that the accused had subcontracted to a company named Dolphin. Mobile phones of the accused were seized, and they were rigorously questioned. Confessions from the accused disclosed that they had subcontracted to Dolphin, owned by Nilesh Jain. Daily income reporting was managed by Paresh Shah and Nilesh Jain, and ticket sales information was also directed to them.

Developments in Vadodara’s Harni Lake Boat Tragedy Investigation

City Police Commissioner Anup Singh Gelhot provided further insights into the ongoing investigation, stating that the recently identified accused, Paresh Shah and Nilesh Jain, were not initially named in the contract during meetings with the Administrative Accounts Manager. However, it was discovered that they regularly received administrative accounts for the lake zone from the manager on a daily basis, as confirmed by evidence obtained from previously arrested individuals.

Both Paresh Shah and Nilesh Jain’s names have been included in the complaint. Multiple police teams are actively pursuing the accused, and the six individuals arrested earlier in connection with the tragedy were presented in court today for remand. The court proceedings may reveal additional startling details.

A look-out notice has been issued against the accused, emphasizing that Paresh Shah and Nilesh Jain are considered the main perpetrators. Paresh Shah played a significant role in the Harni Lake Zone and, along with his wife, son, and daughter, has been implicated. Notably, one accused, Nayan Gohil, lacked proper training to operate a boat, and another, the helper, did not possess swimming skills. Authorities have sought assistance from the passport office, and a special public prosecutor will be appointed for the case. The police have collected evidence highlighting negligence in the lake zone, and the investigation is ongoing.

Criminal Histories of Arrested Individuals in Vadodara Boat Tragedy

It has been revealed that the accused apprehended in connection with the boat tragedy have a history of criminal activities. Bhimsingh Kudiaram Yadav (42 years old), a partner in the Kotia project (Rest. Waghedano), was previously arrested in 2006 on charges of dacoity at both Gorwa Police Station and Jagdia Police Station in Bharuch District.

Additionally, Vedprakash Rampath Yadav, another accused, has a prior arrest record in 2025 for a violation of declaration.

Actions have been taken to secure the remand of the accused, aiming to gather evidence related to the current crime and to facilitate further investigation. During the questioning of the arrested individuals, it was discovered that accused Binit Kotia’s dry snack shop, named Manorath, is situated opposite the Diwalipura court. Furthermore, connections between the arrested accused Binit Kotia and others were revealed during the interrogation of the relatives of Binit Kotia.

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