Income Tax Raids in Gandhidham Extend for Fourth Day: Updates

Since Thursday, five firms under the Income Tax department in East Kutch have been subjected to raids, marking the fourth consecutive day of proceedings. Collaborative efforts from teams representing various Income Tax Departments from Gandhidham, Rajkot, and Ahmedabad have been employed in this joint operation.

Diverse Sectors Targeted: Salt, Transport, and More

The raids targeted two firms associated with the salt industry in Gandhidham, one firm linked to transportation, another belonging to Angadia services, and an individual involved in land leasing. In total, 25 locations affiliated with these five firms were raided, with the operation ongoing into its fourth day.

Seizure of Cash and Ongoing Operations

Sources revealed that approximately one crore in cash has been seized during the operation. However, as the raid is still in progress, the Income Tax department has not officially disclosed any information regarding the seizures. Over 50 officials from the Income Tax department, alongside more than 30 police personnel, are actively involved in this operation spanning Gandhidham, Rajkot, and Ahmedabad.

Niyati Rao

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