Fire Erupts in Ahmedabad Building on CG Road: Crowd Gathers as Blaze Engulfs First Floor

A fire broke out this evening on the first floor of Pariseema Complex located on CG Road in Ahmedabad. Upon receiving the fire report, more than 10 fire brigade vehicles were immediately dispatched to the scene. The R.K. Kumar Opticals shop is situated on the ground floor of the complex, and there was a small shop-like area on the first floor, which was used as a warehouse for spectacles. The fire started in the optical shop, causing a large crowd to gather on the road.

Evacuation of People from the Complex

A fire broke out in the spectacles shop located on the first floor of the Pariseema Complex on CG Road. The fire brigade is making efforts to control the fire by spraying water. Due to the fire, the complex was immediately evacuated. All people inside the complex were safely brought out.

Rescue Operations Including Disabled Individuals

Pankaj Rawal, an officer from Navrangpura Fire Station, stated that around 4:15 PM, they were informed about the fire at Pariseema Complex on CG Road. They promptly reached the scene. Many people were trapped in the offices within the complex, necessitating immediate rescue operations, which included some disabled individuals who were lifted and brought to safety. It was also reported that a PSI (Police Sub-Inspector) was injured while clearing the smoke.

Over 40 Personnel Immediately Reached the Scene

According to information from the fire control room, around 4 PM today, a message was received by the fire brigade control room about the fire at Pariseema Complex on CG Road. Two vehicles from Navrangpura Fire Station were immediately dispatched to the scene. However, upon their arrival, the fire had spread significantly, and the smoke had increased. Consequently, more fire brigade vehicles were sent to the scene. Along with 15 fire brigade vehicles, the Chief Fire Officer and Additional Chief Fire Officer, over 40 personnel reached the scene promptly. The fire brigade team immediately began efforts to control the fire.

A Firefighter Sustains Minor Injuries While Extinguishing a Fire

Fire brigade personnel began the rescue operation for the people trapped in the offices within the complex. Due to the spread of smoke in the complex, people stayed inside their offices. The fire brigade team gradually rescued all the people and brought them down. Both the fire brigade and the police arrived at the scene. Efforts were made to release the smoke, and during this, PSI J. N. Desai from Navrangpura Police Station went to break glass to clear the smoke near an office and sustained a hand injury. Additionally, one firefighter sustained minor injuries while extinguishing the fire.

Glass Broken to Dispel Smoke

According to local residents, due to the fire on the staircase on the first floor, we kept moving upwards. However, the smoke had spread more extensively, so nearby glass was also broken to allow the smoke to escape. When the fire brigade team arrived, the smoke lessened, and after the fire was gradually extinguished, the fire brigade team brought us down. Some people moved to the adjacent block from the terrace, which prevented further trouble. However, those on the second or third floors could not come down immediately.

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