Tragic Heart Attacks Claim Four Lives: Youth, Teacher, and Congress Social Media Minister Among the Victims

A series of deaths due to heart attacks has been occurring in Rajkot. Today, more than three young individuals, including teachers and laborers, have suffered heart attacks in the district. The possibility of death due to a heart attack is high, and the true cause of death can only be known after the post-mortem reports are available. Among them, a laborer suddenly collapsed at a marketing yard, and the event was captured on CCTV cameras. Currently, the police are conducting a more thorough investigation by exhuming the bodies of all three deceased individuals for post-mortem examination at the hospital.

More than three young individuals have died from heart attacks.

Incidents of deaths due to heart attacks in the youth population have been on the rise. Such cases have been occurring in Rajkot for the past few days. Almost every day, reports of a young person experiencing heart trouble have been coming in. Recently, more than three young individuals, including a government school teacher from Padadhari taluka, a young man residing on Morbi Road in Rajkot, and a 24-year-old laborer at a marketing yard, succumbed to heart attacks.

A 24-year-old named Ranjitkumar Upendrabhai Yadav, who used to work as a laborer at the old marketing yard in Rajkot, suddenly collapsed while going about his usual activities.

Ranjitkumar resided in the Huda Quarter behind the old marketing yard in Rajkot. He was employed as a laborer in the marketing yard and was in the department of bakala (grocery) for the last three years. Yesterday, in the afternoon, he was in the bakala department of the marketing yard. He suddenly collapsed while walking. Passersby rushed him to Rajkot’s Civil Hospital, but he was pronounced dead even before he could receive treatment. This incident was captured on a CCTV camera and the video has gone viral.

Ranjitkumar was a part of a laborer family consisting of two brothers and two sisters, and he was the youngest among them. He left behind a one-month-old daughter. His daughter was being cared for by his wife in their laborer family.

After the death due to a heart attack, the youth’s eyes were donated.

In another incident, the deceased’s name is Ashish Parsotambhai Akbari (age 40, Residence: Anand Anyu Society, Sheri No. 1, Morbi Road). Ashish used to work as a mason previously. However, he had a history of heart attacks, which he had experienced seven years ago. Yesterday, while he was at the hospital for a check-up, he suffered an immediate heart attack, and the attending doctor declared him dead. Ashish Akbari had two brothers and one sister and left behind a one-month-old daughter. The family is in mourning after the loss of the young man. Moreover, Ashish Akbari’s eyes have been donated as part of organ donation.

Death of a government school teacher during minor surgery.

In the third incident, Dipak Kanjibhai Vekariya (age 43) of Rangpar village in Padadhari Taluka, who worked as a government school teacher in Nana Vada, had gone for minor surgery at his house early this morning at 5:30 AM. Suddenly, he suffered a cardiac arrest while undergoing the procedure, and he was immediately rushed to Rajkot’s Civil Hospital’s intensive care unit. Unfortunately, he passed away during the surgery. The police conducted the post-mortem at Rajkot Civil Hospital. It was discovered during the family’s inquiry that Dipak, who had a physical disability, had been working as a government school teacher for the past ten years. He had two brothers and one sister and was the eldest among them. He left behind a 15-year-old daughter. The family is grieving the loss of their loved one.

Death of Congress Social Media Minister due to a heart attack.

Among the increasing cases of heart attacks in the state, another incident of a heart attack has come to light. Vishal Solanki, the Minister of Congress’s Social Media Department in Ahmedabad city, has passed away. Vishal Solanki was only 36 years old. Last night, he suffered a sudden heart attack at his residence in Chandkheda. Vishal Solanki’s death was due to a heart attack. He had been actively involved in the Congress for the last 8 years. Congress leaders have also paid their respects in light of his demise.

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