Youngster, 19, Suffers Fatal Heart Attack While Dancing Garba in Jamnagar

In recent times, there have been cases of young individuals, especially among the youth, succumbing to heart attacks on a daily basis. Just five days ago, a 24-year-old young man in Junagadh had a heart attack while playing Dandiya and unfortunately passed away. Today, the same fate has befallen another individual from Jamnagar while practicing Garba. A 19-year-old youth also suffered a heart attack and lost his life. Both incidents have sent shockwaves through their communities.

Before Anyone Could Understand

In Jamnagar, a 19-year-old named Vinod from Amba’s Navlan suffered a fatal heart attack. He was practicing Garba in Patel Park and suddenly collapsed. Local residents immediately rushed him to the hospital, but tragically, he couldn’t be saved. It was a shocking incident for everyone, as Vinod had no prior health issues.

Family Grief Resurfaces

Upon learning of the young man’s demise, his family and relatives were at the hospital. The news of Vinod’s death brought profound grief and sorrow to his family once again. According to available information, the deceased youth was currently studying in the first semester of an engineering college and had recently secured admission.

After the PM Report, the True Cause Will Be Known

The authorities released the deceased young man’s body after conducting a post-mortem examination (PM). The exact cause of death will only become clear after the PM report is available. Currently, the police are conducting a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause of the young man’s death.

Heart Attack Claims a Youth’s Life in Junagadh Too

Just five days ago in Junagadh’s Pancheshwar area, a young man lost his life due to a heart attack while playing Garba. Chirag Parmar, a 24-year-old, was passionate about playing Garba, and he had joined a Garba class in Joshipara, a neighborhood in the city. He collapsed suddenly, and those around him rushed him to Junagadh Civil Hospital, where doctors declared him dead due to a heart attack. It’s worth noting that there has been an alarming increase in heart attacks among the youth after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heart Attack Claims the Life of a 30-Year-Old in Surat

In Surat, a young man from Katar village, Jiadsi, who had been working in an embroidery factory for a long time, experienced a heart attack. He used to live in a rented room near the factory. Last night, he went to sleep in his rented room with a friend, but when his friend tried to wake him up in the morning, he did not respond. His friend immediately rushed him to Smimer Hospital for treatment, but the doctors declared him dead due to a heart attack. Concerns about sudden heart attacks among young people are being raised.

Heart Attack Claims Youth’s Life the Day After His Birthday in Surat

Just ten days ago, a 36-year-old young man suffered a fatal heart attack at a petrol pump in Kapadvanj. He collapsed right at the scene when experiencing chest pain and had to be taken to the hospital. This incident was caught on CCTV cameras installed at the petrol pump. Surprisingly, a similar incident occurred in Navsari city just four days after this event. A young man working as a laborer in the Hirana Car Factory, which was located next to the petrol pump in Kapadvanj, also suffered a heart attack at the very same spot. This entire incident was captured on the CCTV cameras as well.

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