Vadodara-Dahod MEMU Train: 950 Passenger Capacity, Lady Coach, Advanced Amenities

Vadodara-Dahod MEMU Train with Unique Features

The Vadodara-Dahod MEMU train, flagged off by Railway Minister Darshana Jardosh this morning at 9:50 AM, departed with a lilac flag. What sets this train apart is the installation of a solar system, enabling it to generate electricity and achieve savings of up to 30%. Additionally, this train will cover all the small stations, accommodating 950 passengers with a capacity for 1100 people. The train is equipped with features such as an announcement system, digital displays, bio-toilets, and CCTV services.

Inclusion of a Women’s Coach

Railway Minister Darshana Jardosh and Member of Parliament Ranjanben Bhatt flagged off the Vadodara-Dahod MEMU train this morning. This train offers several special amenities for passengers, similar to Mumbai’s Deccan Queen train, including an announcement system, digital displays, CCTV cameras, and bio-toilets. The train comprises 12 coaches, including a women’s special coach, and will have a maximum speed of 110 km/h.

Vadodara to Dahod in 4 Hours

According to the Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of Vadodara Division, Jitendra Singh, Train 09115, which runs from Vadodara to Dahod, will now depart Vadodara at 9:30 AM and reach Dahod at 1:25 PM, starting from September 26th. Additionally, Train No. 09105 (original Train 69223) will operate daily, departing Vadodara at 8:45 AM and reaching Dahod at 12:45 PM from September 27, 2023. Meanwhile, Train No. 09106 (original Train 69234) will depart Dahod for Vadodara at 3:50 PM daily and arrive at Vadodara at 7:55 PM.

Coaches for General and First Class Passengers

This train will have both general class and first-class coaches. It will cover stations like Chhayapuri, Pilol, Samlaya Junction, Champaaner Road Junction, Bakrol, Derol, Kharsaliya, Godhra Junction, Kansudhi, Chanchalav, Sant Road, Pipalod, Limkheda, Mangal Mahuri, Usara, Jekot, and Rentia along its route.

Smooth Ride with Air Suspension

The Vadodara-Dahod MEMU train, operating as a local train, features air suspension in its coaches, providing a comfortable and smooth ride for passengers. The train’s interior has been equipped with the latest amenities, including displays and bio-toilets. The railway aims to connect this route as part of the Industrial Corridor, which Prime Minister Modi has been emphasizing for the Vadodara and Dahod belt. There’s also an engine factory in Dahod, and the latest version has been initiated today for connectivity in the tribal areas. With facilities like displays, bio-toilets, and other services, the train is now ready for operation.

Solar System Installed

The train has a solar system installed, which will lead to power savings due to its electricity generation capacity. The displays inside the train will show which station is approaching, thanks to the power generated by the solar system.

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