No Relief from Stench: Diamond Hub Plagued by Dumping Site Woes, PM and CM Orders Ignored

Surat Diamond Bourse is set to be inaugurated. It boasts the largest dumping site, located just 2000 meters from the diamond bourse. This dumping site received a staggering 3.2 million metric tons of waste, including 3.2 million metric tons that have been successfully disposed of. However, due to ongoing challenges, 1.5 million metric tons of waste still remain to be managed, presenting a persistent difficulty.

Traders Distressed by Overpowering Odor

The garbage dump on the dumping site of Surat, known as the treasure trove of waste, is causing extreme distress due to its overpowering stench. Despite being 2000 meters away from Surat city, the stench permeates the surroundings. Local residents have been complaining for a long time, but the issue gained attention only after the construction of the Surat Diamond Bourse, drawing criticism from both locals and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

PM and CM Keep a Watchful Eye

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has consistently raised concerns about the issue whenever reviewing meetings related to the Diamond Bourse. Recently, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel also had a meeting regarding Surat, bringing the issue of the dumping site to the forefront. Efforts to quickly address the problem have been initiated, but as of now, the overpowering stench has not been contained.

Initiating Efforts to Control Odor

Surat Diamond Bourse spokesperson Dinesh Navadiya revealed that the dumping site is 2000 meters away from the Diamond Bourse. The waste disposal issue has been a cause for concern among people working in the offices nearby. The unpleasant odor, coupled with the fact that even after filtration, the site has not been completely odor-free, has raised concerns for those working in and around the Surat Diamond Bourse.

Positive Steps by the Government and Municipal Commission

The Municipal Commissioner, Shalini Agrawal, mentioned that the issue is being actively addressed to swiftly resolve the problem. A new site in Umber village has been initiated, and upon receiving environmental clearance from the central government, it will be operational in just 10 months. Umber site is expected to be India’s best and most modern solid waste processing facility.

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