Cow Deaths Spark Political Unrest: Post-Mortem Reveals Plastic in Stomach

In Cow-Shelter, operated by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, dairy farmers are staging a protest with allegations that more than 20 cows die daily due to starvation. This morning, the protesters gathered outside Cow-Shelter’s dairy farms. They have accused the Corporation of post-mortem examinations conducted on the dead cows revealing a significant amount of plastic found in their stomachs, leading to their deaths. Former Congress leader Amit Chavda has now entered the political arena, addressing this issue.

Congress Joins the Cause of Cattle Deaths in Cow-Shelter

The issue of cattle deaths in Cow-Shelter has garnered attention, with the Congress party now actively involved. Former Congress leader Amit Chavda, along with Rajashree Kesari, Iqbal Sheikh, Zulfikhan Pathan, Tasleem Alam Sheikh, and corporate members and activists of the Congress, reached Cow-Shelter to address the concerns of the dairy farming community.

Cow-Shelter Plastic Recovered from Stomachs of Deceased Animals

In Cow-Shelter, managed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, an outcry has arisen over the daily deaths of more than 20 cattle, with dairy farmers accusing the Corporation. Post-mortem examinations conducted by the Corporation revealed a significant amount of plastic recovered from the stomachs of the deceased animals. The plastic, along with other materials such as clothes, was found in large quantities. Farmers claim that due to the Corporation’s practice of putting cows on the roads, they consume plastic waste, leading to their deaths.

Cow-Shelter Cattle Deaths Beyond the Jurisdiction

Earlier today, residents in Cow-Shelter under the jurisdiction of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation raised concerns about the daily deaths of more than 20 cows. Farmers confronted authorities, alleging that between 20 to 25 cows die of starvation in Cow-Shelter daily. This led municipal officials and employees to lodge a police complaint. Nearly 30 dead cows were found in the area.

Cow-Shelter Lodge a Complaint with the Police Against the Cattle Deaths – Appeal to the CNCD Department

Moreover, they declared that theft has taken place in the CNCD department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation by officials and employees. In light of this, residents have visited locations outside Cow-Shelter’s jurisdiction, demanding action from the CNCD department officials and employees. They appealed to the police to file a complaint against the officials and employees of the CNCD department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

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