Rajkot Parents Urge School Postponement Amid Cold; No State Guidelines

As winter’s grasp tightens on the state, surpassing a month and a half since its onset, the recent week has witnessed a notable surge in cold temperatures. Despite the intensification of cold conditions, the government has not issued any official guidelines concerning the delay of morning school shifts. Faced with the growing discomfort experienced by students, parents are fervently advocating for changes in school timings. 

Children, shivering on their way to school in the early morning chill, underscore the pressing need for the government’s intervention. The absence of timely guidelines on this matter has spurred a collective plea from the student and parent community, urging the government to address the challenges posed by the harsh winter mornings through suitable measures, including adjusted school timings.

Seeking Clarity: Parents Inquire About Circular on Changes in School Timings Amidst Chilly Weather

Parents in Rajkot are expressing growing concerns as the mercury plummets to 12 degrees, prompting many to reconsider sending their children to school due to fears of falling ill. Traditionally, when faced with such cold conditions, the government typically releases a circular outlining changes in school timings. However, the current situation has left parents in uncertainty, wondering whether any guidelines or circulars have been issued this time around. The lack of official communication has given rise to pressing questions among parents who are eager to ensure the well-being of their children during these cold spells.

Lack of Official Notification: District Authorities Confirm No Approval for School Timing Changes

In the quest for clarity regarding the government’s approval for altering school timings in Rajkot due to the prevailing cold weather, District Primary Education Officer, Dixit Patel, was approached for information. Patel revealed that in Rajkot, there are a total of 850 primary schools catering to students from 1st to 8th grade, all owned by Zilla Panchayat. Among these, 60 government schools operate during the morning hours. However, despite the plummeting temperatures, no notification has been received from the state education department endorsing a change in the timings of these schools.

Adding to the information, Rajkot District Education Officer, Nilesh Ranipa, echoed the sentiment, stating that as of now, there has been no official communication or notification from the state government mandating alterations in school timings due to the winter season. The confirmation from district authorities highlights the absence of any formal approval or directive from the state level, leaving both parents and education officials in anticipation of official guidance on this matter.

Private Schools Take Initiative: Timings Adjusted to Mitigate Cold Weather Impact

Amidst the biting winter cold in Rajkot, private schools have taken proactive measures to address the concerns of students and parents. The President of the Private School Board, D.V. Mehta, has confirmed that private schools in both the urban and rural areas of Rajkot have opted to delay the morning shift timings for students in response to the prevailing bitter cold. This initiative involves an adjustment ranging from 15 minutes to half an hour, demonstrating a commitment to ensuring the well-being and comfort of students during the winter season. While awaiting official directives from the state education department, private schools have independently taken steps to mitigate the impact of the cold weather on the school routines of their students.

Demands for Morning Shift Delay Amplify Amidst Cold Spell

It is imperative to note that the tragic demise of a schoolgirl due to a heart attack in Rajkot last year, amidst the harsh winter conditions, has intensified the ongoing demand to delay the morning shift in all schools. The bitter cold has prompted concerns among parents and the community at large, urging authorities to take proactive measures to safeguard the health and well-being of students. The unfortunate incident serves as a poignant reminder of the potential health risks associated with the severe cold, amplifying the urgency for a swift response in the form of adjusted school timings to mitigate such risks.