Fatal Assault in Surat: 3 Brothers Convict Youth, Suspected of Theft, Leaving Victim Dead

In a chilling incident that has recently come to light in Surat, three brothers are accused of killing their own friend in a shocking display of violence. The unfortunate sequence of events began when a young man, employed in Pandesara, spent the night at a friend’s residence. The situation took a tragic turn when the friend’s mother confronted the young man, accusing him of stealing household goods.

Despite vehemently denying the theft allegations, the young man retreated to his room. However, matters escalated when the three sons of the friend arrived, reinforcing their mother’s claims of stolen goods. Under the guise of questioning the young man about the alleged theft, the trio summoned him to a room.

Tragically, within the confines of that room, the three brothers subjected the young man to a brutal assault, involving kicks and strikes with a plastic pipe. The severity of the attack led to the immediate and untimely death of the victim. Shockingly, after perpetrating this heinous act, the three brothers fled the scene, callously leaving the lifeless body behind in the house. In response to a filed complaint, the police promptly arrested the three brothers and have initiated further legal action.


Background Information on the Deceased in Surat Tragedy: Arvind alias Raghu Prahlad Nishad

The police investigation into the tragic incident in Surat has provided insights into the background of the deceased individual, 40-year-old Arvind, also known as Raghu Prahlad Nishad. Originally hailing from Banda, Uttar Pradesh, Arvind had been employed as a stone polisher in Surat for the past two decades. His previous residence was in the company of friends in Pandesara Ashapuri society.

Before Diwali, Arvind made a residential shift, opting to live with friends in a rented room on the second floor of Pandesara Deepaknagar Society, Plot No. 82. On the afternoon preceding the tragic incident, he returned from work around 12 o’clock and chose to rest in the room of Gomatidevi, who resided in the neighboring room.

The unfortunate turn of events occurred when Gomatidevi, upon returning home, observed a shortage of dishes in the house. Subsequently, Arvind was questioned about the missing items, leading to a confrontation. The inquiry raised suspicions of theft against Arvind, who chose not to respond and left the premises.

Three Brothers Continue Brutal Assault on Arvind Leading to Fatal Outcome

In a distressing turn of events, the narrative surrounding the tragic incident in Surat takes a darker tone. After abandoning Arvind’s lifeless body in the room, the three implicated brothers made a swift escape. Subsequently, at eight o’clock last night, Gomatidevi’s three sons—Indraraj alias Dungi, Indrabhan alias Bhola, and Ankit—summoned Arvind to their residence to inquire about the alleged theft of utensils.

At eight o’clock this morning, the three brothers once again called Arvind into their room for further questioning. What unfolded next was a brutal assault involving plastic pipes and kicks. Regrettably, the young man succumbed to the relentless attack, meeting his tragic end on the spot. In a disturbing repetition of events, the perpetrators, after perpetrating this heinous act, fled the scene, leaving Arvind’s lifeless body behind in the room.

Police Swiftly Register Murder Case and Apprehend Accused Brothers

Police Swiftly Register Murder Case and Apprehend Accused Brothers

Following the tragic incident, the Pandesara police swiftly responded to the filed complaint by Arvind’s brother, Ramnaresh alias Rambhavan. Registering a case of murder based on the compelling evidence presented in the complaint, the authorities initiated immediate efforts to apprehend the three accused brothers.

The police, informed about the distressing incident, promptly launched an investigation, leading to the identification of the suspects. Within a matter of hours, law enforcement successfully located and apprehended the three brothers who had been absconding since the incident.

Police Confirm Victim-Accused Friendship in Fatal Assault Case

In the unfolding investigation into the tragic incident, it has been revealed that the deceased, Arvind, was a close friend of the accused brothers. The unfortunate sequence of events transpired when Arvind spent the night at the residence of the accused. In the morning, upon the return of Gomatidevi, the mother of the accused, suspicions were raised regarding the alleged theft of utensils and belongings from the house.

Expressing her concerns to her three sons, Gomatidevi initiated a fateful turn of events that led to the fatal assault on Arvind. In a tragic and brutal confrontation, the accused brothers reportedly beat Arvind to death on the spot. Promptly responding to the gravity of the situation, the Pandesara police have registered a case of murder against the accused brothers and taken them into custody.

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