Chaos in Surat: Policeman Fatally Run Over as BRTS-City Bus Launch Sparks Driver Riot, Vandalism, and Road Chaos

Protest and Violence Erupt in Surat as BRTS City Bus Staff Go on Strike

Around 50% of the staff of the BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) city buses in Surat have gone on a sudden strike in protest against the new rules implemented by the government. The strike, initiated by drivers and conductors, has led to disruptions in several BRTS routes, causing inconvenience to the passengers. Tensions escalated today as other drivers and conductors, not participating in the strike, faced resistance from their protesting counterparts.

The situation turned violent as a police officer was assaulted during the protest. Approximately 50 people were involved in attacking the police officer, and 19 of them have been identified by the police. The authorities have taken legal action against those identified for the assault.

The strike has caused widespread disruption, with several BRTS routes, especially on Dumas Road, being affected. Traffic jams have been reported in various areas, making the situation challenging for commuters. The protest, which began near Dumas Road, intensified as the striking drivers and conductors clashed with those not participating in the strike.

The incident has been captured in viral videos, showcasing the clashes and the assault on the police officer. The police are investigating the matter, and additional security measures have been implemented to maintain law and order in the city. The ongoing strike and protests have created an atmosphere of tension and unrest in Surat.

Assault on Police Officer during Protest on Dumas Road, Surat

An incident of unrest unfolded on Dumas Magdalla Road as drivers engaged in a commotion. The situation took a violent turn when a police officer, identified as GJ-5-GV-2270 from the PCR van 902, became the target of an assault during the protest. The atmosphere became tense, leading to the incident being captured on video and subsequently going viral on social media.

According to DCP Rajesh Parmar, this incident occurred during a protest where drivers were demonstrating against certain regulations. The protest escalated, leading to a roadblock, and the police response included opening the road on Dumas Road. It was during this time that a driver physically assaulted a police constable, prompting the police to take action.

DCP Parmar further stated that the incident involved a scuffle between the driver and a police constable, resulting in an assault. The PCR team from Dumas Police reached the scene to restore order. In the aftermath, 19 individuals have been identified and detained in connection with the assault. Charges have been filed under IPC Sections 332, 323, 341, 504, and 506, and the police are actively investigating the matter.

This incident, involving an attack on a police officer during a protest, has caused concern and highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement in managing public demonstrations.

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