Pluxee: Opening up a World of Opportunities

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Pluxee, formally Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services continues to create enriching and sustainable employee experiences at work and beyond.

To celebrate the remarkable journey of 25+ years built on a foundation of trust, Pluxee India Launch events were held in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru. These events were attended by key decision makers pan-India, a testimony of the company’s strong-standing partnership with its clients and partners.

Brand Reveal at the Pluxee India Launch Event, Mumbai

The celebrations commenced with an air of excitement as attendees gathered to witness the grand reveal of Pluxees vibrant new brand identity.

The Pluxee India launch showcased its promise of a fresh era of innovation, sustainable, and consumer-centric solutions. These gatherings offered exceptional networking possibilities, allowing attendees to connect with like-minded peers representing various sectors. Leading industry practitioners graced the event, sharing their experiences, and making the networking inspiring and insightful.

The Gateway to Pluxees Exciting New Identity, at the Pluxee India Launch Event, Mumbai

Guests had a unique opportunity to experience engaging performances by well-known artists and innovative concepts. These carefully curated experiences are in line with Pluxee’s commitment to enable employees and corporates to do more of what matters to them.

With innovative concepts such as the Face Cloud‘ promoting Xpress your personality, and a perfume counter, championing Xplore your essence‘, Pluxee demonstrated how they transform concepts into reality, offering a world of opportunities to the guests.

Anish Sarkar, CEO, Pluxee India, a Sodexo enterprise, expressed his excitement post the reveal of the new brand, “The world of work is changing. In todays day and age, new age employees want more, they want to be seen and heard. More appreciation, more autonomy, more learning, more benefits, and this is where we come in. Pluxee is a global leader in employee engagement, providing a range of future-ready employee benefits all accessible on a single fully digital platform.”

Pluxee’s transformation is a new way of thinking about employee benefits, enabling employers and employees to do more of what they love.

The event showcased how Pluxee identifies as a new digital, optimistic, and innovative brand with a diverse range of solutions. The brand is dedicated to creating meaningful, engaging, and personalised experiences to contribute to the well-being of individuals at work and beyond.

About Pluxee India

Pluxee is the global leader in employee benefits and engagement that opens up a world of opportunities to help everyone enjoy more of what really matters to them. With 25+ years of expertise and trust, the brand nurtures a strong relationship with 11,000+ companies across the public and private sectors in India. Pluxee’s support extends to over 3.5 million consumers, amplifying their purchasing power and promoting overall well-being. As a partner of trust to 1,000,000+ merchants, they are committed to growing further as a leader in employee benefits and engagement.

Pluxee crafts meaningful, engaging, and unique experiences that enhance the well-being of individuals at work and in their personal lives. With meals, fuel, telecom, learning, wellness, and more on a single card and app, the brand is thoughtfully designed to bring more value to consumers. Pluxee’s overarching mission is to empower clients, partners, and consumers to embrace sustainability in their everyday choices.

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