Ghatlodia Ward Corporator Resigns: Assembly Corporator Manoj Patel Steps Down Amidst Prolonged Overseas Stay

Ahmedabad city has witnessed a significant political earthquake within the BJP. Manoj Patel, the BJP’s corporator from the Ghatlodiya ward in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), has resigned from the corporator’s position. Manoj Patel is no longer interested in continuing as a corporator and has not attended the regular municipal corporation meetings for the last six months. This has raised concerns and discussions among the BJP corporators and officials.

Manoj Patel, who was previously a corporator, has not been present in the general meetings of the municipal corporation for the past six months. According to sources, if a corporator does not attend regular meetings for six consecutive months, they may face disqualification from the corporator’s position under the Gujarat Provincial Municipal Corporations Act. The latest development has led to speculation about the potential disqualification of Manoj Patel from his corporator position.

Manoj Patel’s absence has been noted by the municipal corporation and the party leadership, raising questions about his commitment to the responsibilities of a corporator. Although there were attempts to seek clarification from Manoj Patel about the reasons for his prolonged absence, he has not provided any explanation.

This situation has sparked discussions within the BJP regarding the appropriate course of action, including the possibility of disqualifying Manoj Patel from the corporator position. The party leaders and municipal authorities are expected to take necessary actions based on the relevant legal provisions.

If there are any updates or decisions made regarding Manoj Patel’s status as a corporator or any subsequent actions taken by the municipal corporation or the BJP, providing that information would be helpful for further understanding the situation.

The Municipal Commissioner has received the resignation letter.

According to the available information, Ghatlodiya ward’s corporator, Manoj Patel, is currently not residing in Ahmedabad. His family has permanently settled abroad, leading him to request resignation from the corporator position due to the need to stay overseas with his family. Gaurang Prajapati, a leader from the ruling party, BJP, confirmed that Manoj Patel has submitted his resignation. The BJP has taken note of the matter, and the resignation letter has been officially submitted to the Municipal Commissioner today.

As a result of Manoj Patel’s resignation, there are now 191 corporators in Ahmedabad, down from the previous 192. Among them, 159 corporators belong to the BJP. The municipal authorities are expected to process and acknowledge the resignation, and appropriate measures will be taken to fill the vacant corporator position in Ghatlodiya ward.

If there are any updates or further developments regarding the resignation or the subsequent actions taken by the municipal authorities, providing that information would be helpful for a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Manoj Patel had been involved in a controversy earlier as well.

It is noteworthy that Manoj Patel, the corporator from Ghatlodiya ward, had been involved in a controversy two years ago. A meeting was convened in the office of the Deputy Municipal Commissioner along with officials of the North-West Zone. During the meeting, there was a heated exchange of words between BJP corporators and officials regarding the collection committee formed to catch stray cattle. Manoj Patel had raised objections, stating that officials take bribes to catch stray cattle. The meeting witnessed discussions and questions on various issues, including the cattle-catching process. Following the discussions, three corporators had sat on a dharna on the premises in protest. Manoj Patel, who is known for raising his voice on various issues and being elected by the people based on his principles, has resigned from the corporator position, citing reasons other than serving the public and representing them as a corporator.

If there are any additional developments or details related to this resignation or if there’s further information regarding Manoj Patel’s stance, it would provide a more comprehensive understanding of the situation.

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