Dangerous Speed Breaker in Surat: Rickshaw-Bikes Overturned, White Belt Visibility Concerns

In the city expansion of Surat, incidents of vehicles colliding due to speed breakers without warning signs have been occurring, leading to accidents and, in some cases, even overturning of vehicles. Both bikers and auto-rickshaw drivers are facing difficulties, and there have been instances of sudden crashes.

The absence of reflective paint or markings on these speed breakers has contributed to the problem, making it challenging for drivers to anticipate and safely navigate these road features. Local residents have raised concerns about these incidents and the lack of proper markings on speed breakers.

In an attempt to address the issue, some locals have taken matters into their own hands by applying white paint strips on the speed breakers at their own expense. This DIY approach aims to enhance visibility and alert drivers to the presence of speed breakers, potentially preventing accidents.

It’s worth noting that the local authorities, when contacted by Divya Bhaskar for comments, did not provide a response or clarification regarding the absence of markings on these speed breakers. The lack of communication from the authorities has added to the frustration of residents who are actively trying to mitigate the safety risks associated with poorly marked speed breakers.

Four speed breakers have been constructed on the road near Punagam in Surat, where the Surat Municipal Corporation is working to transform the city into a smart city. However, instead of addressing the issue of accidents, these speed breakers have contributed to an increase in accidents in the area. The sudden installation of speed breakers without proper planning or warning has created a safety hazard on the road.

The residents in the surrounding area are facing difficulties due to these unplanned speed breakers, and the situation has raised concerns about the city’s smart development initiatives. It is crucial for city planners and municipal authorities to carefully plan and execute such projects to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents.

The municipal employees have removed the white paint from the speed breakers they constructed, revealing that they had engaged in corruption in their work. Although the municipal workers had installed speed breakers, the unexpected consequence is that the color of the white stripes on these speed breakers has been removed. This has become a cause of concern for motorists, especially during nighttime when the reflective paint is crucial for visibility.

It appears that the municipal employees may have engaged in unethical practices or substandard work, leading to the deterioration of the speed breakers. Such incidents highlight the importance of transparency, accountability, and quality control in municipal projects. If you have more specific details or updates on this situation, feel free to share them for further assistance.

It seems like there have been incidents where bikers are not able to notice the speed breakers, possibly due to the lack of white stripes on them. The absence of reflective paint on the speed breakers, along with non-functional street lights, can lead to accidents and pose a serious risk to motorists. The CCTV footage captures the moment when a bike approaches the speed breaker but the rider fails to see it, resulting in serious consequences.

The importance of maintaining road infrastructure, including visible and well-marked speed breakers, cannot be overstated for the safety of all road users. If there are specific details or updates on this situation, feel free to share for further assistance.

It appears that there have been incidents where even auto-rickshaws have overturned, possibly due to not noticing the speed breakers. This highlights the seriousness of the situation, especially with several accidents occurring in the Athwaadiya area. One particular incident involved an auto-rickshaw driver not seeing the speed breaker, resulting in the overturning of the vehicle. Fortunately, there were no passengers in the auto-rickshaw at the time, preventing any serious injuries.

It’s essential to address these issues promptly to ensure road safety. If there are specific details or updates on actions taken to improve road safety in the mentioned area, please provide them for further assistance or discussion.

Local residents have taken matters into their own hands by independently painting white stripes on the road to mark the location of speed breakers. It seems that, at times, locals have chosen to advise people on the road, especially those who are walking at night, about the speed breakers by personally applying white markings. However, authorities have not taken any significant action so far in addressing the issue of speed breakers causing accidents. This has led to frustration among the local residents.

It’s important for the local authorities to respond to the concerns raised by the residents and take appropriate measures to ensure road safety. If there are any specific actions or initiatives that the authorities are planning or have taken to address this issue, providing that information would be helpful for further discussion.

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