Daring Night Rescue: 10 Trapped Lives Saved from Surat Hospital Lift Mishap and Concrete Peril

On a recent night in Surat, a harrowing incident unfolded at Sangres Hospital. Two separate groups of people found themselves trapped – 10 lives hanging in the balance. Upon alerting the fire brigade, a swift and daring rescue mission commenced, breaking down concrete walls to free them from both ends. The elevator, a symbol of dread, transformed into a beacon of hope as all individuals were safely extracted. In this 2-hour ordeal, everyone endured breaths held, until the fire department’s heart-pounding operation ensured a fortunate escape from a potentially grave situation.

Use of Elevator for Hospital: At 3:30 AM, Surat Municipal Corporation’s fire control room received a call about an incident. In Vesu area on Althan Canal Road, Sangres Hospital’s elevator was trapped between the first and second floors of the Time World Commercial Building. 10 individuals were stuck inside the lift. Consequently, a team from Vesu Fire Station, along with officials, rushed to the scene to address the situation.

Attempt to Open Elevator for an Hour, but Unsuccessful:

The fire brigade arrived at the scene, investigating the trapped lift. The elevator was stuck between the first and second floors of both buildings. 10 people were inside the elevator. This elevator was exclusively used for Sangres Hospital, situated in the third building, while the first and second buildings housed shops. The decision to halt the elevator was made by the hospital manager, who also contacted the lift company’s technician. They made attempts to bring the elevator up and open it but were unable to succeed.

Breaking Wall to Rescue Trapped Elevator Passengers:

Chief Fire Officer Basant Pariikh revealed that upon learning of the elevator entrapment at the hospital, our immediate response team rushed to the incident site, recognizing its severity. When attempts to open the elevator failed, our team finally broke the concrete wall between the first and second buildings. Afterward, they successfully freed all individuals trapped inside the lift, ensuring their safety. The entire rescue operation took approximately 2 hours.

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