Tragedy Strikes Kochi University: 4 Students Killed, 60 Injured in Rain-Induced Stampede During Annual Function

Tragedy at Cochin University during Tech Fest

A tragic incident occurred at Cochin University during the Tech Fest. The state’s Health Minister, Vina George, announced on Saturday (November 25) that four students were killed, and 60 others were injured during the stampede in the auditorium of Cochin University.

The incident took place during the university’s annual celebration. George stated that the four deceased individuals, comprising 2 boys and 2 girls, were brought to the Medical College for post-mortem.

Unexpected Chaos at the Open Air Stadium

The event was taking place at the Open Air Stadium. After Nikhita Gandhi’s performance began, the crowd increased because not only students but also some outsiders came to the campus. During this time, when the rain started, people rushed to the nearby auditorium, causing a gathering and chaos. The situation led to a stampede in the auditorium, and the injured have been admitted to the Kalamassery Medical College for treatment.

Serious Condition of Two Individuals Reported

According to the news website Indian Express, the District Collector, N.S.K., has informed that the condition of the two injured individuals is serious. In response to the incident, we have alerted all the hospitals in the city. As of now, the identification of the deceased has not been confirmed.

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