Ahmedabad Traffic Police Incident: Rickshaw Driver Injured, Shifted to Hospital

In the city of Ahmedabad, there are occasional clashes between the police and the public. Senior officials often emphasize the need for the police to change their behavior and maintain a positive interaction with the public to create a conducive environment. However, there are instances where such efforts result in situations where the image of the police is compromised. Similar incidents have also occurred in Ahmedabad.

During the detention of an auto-rickshaw driver, there was a verbal altercation between the police and the driver. In this scenario, the police reprimanded the driver, which was witnessed by others. The entire incident, including the confrontation with the auto-rickshaw driver, has come to light. The traffic department is investigating the matter and taking appropriate action.

In the Ranip area of Ahmedabad, a confrontation has erupted between the traffic police and an auto-rickshaw driver. The entire incident is currently under investigation by the Ranip Police Station. However, a video related to this incident has surfaced. In the video, it is apparent that the auto-rickshaw driver, a young man, has suffered a serious injury to his hand, described as a fracture.

Even though auto-rickshaw drivers may be accountable in certain situations, it is not appropriate for the police to engage with them in such a manner. There are legal provisions in place for addressing such issues, and if the police resort to violence against auto-rickshaw drivers, they are equally responsible. In the current situation, the injured auto-rickshaw driver is undergoing treatment at the hospital.

This matter is currently under investigation,” said Traffic DCP Nita Desai. She mentioned that when the police were conducting operations against auto-rickshaw drivers, there was a verbal altercation between the drivers and the police officers. Consequently, this incident has arisen. Auto-rickshaw drivers have also filed complaints at the Ranip police station. We are also investigating this matter from our end.

The person removing the video is speaking out about incidents where they allege that Subhash Bridge Traffic Police Station’s PSO, Head Constable Sanjay Velabhai, repeatedly beat a brother who is an auto-rickshaw driver. They claim that he was subjected to abuse, even forced to drink plain water. Allegedly, this abuse led to his admission to Civil Hospital in connection with case 283. Currently, he is being taken for treatment.

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