E-Visas Relaunched Ahead of Modi-Trudeau Virtual Meeting: All Categories to Be Served

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had their first virtual meeting today after the recent tension over the killing of a Khalistani terrorist in Canada. Earlier, Canada had accused India in connection with the killing, leading to increased tensions. Following the incident, India had temporarily suspended visa services for Canadian citizens.

According to media reports, visa services for Canadian citizens have now resumed after a two-month hiatus. Canada had leveled accusations against India in the aftermath of the killing of the Khalistani terrorist, resulting in India temporarily suspending visa services on September 21.

On October 26, the Indian government announced the resumption of visa services in four categories: entry, business, medical, and conference visas. Canadian citizens can now apply for visas in all these categories, along with other updates for travelers.

On September 21, India temporarily suspended visa services for Canadian citizens due to alleged threats against Indian officials in Canada by Khalistani elements. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson, Arindam Bagchi, stated that there were security concerns in Canada, and their officials were unable to function effectively. This led to the temporary suspension of visa services.

A few days ago, during a conversation with London-based journalist Lionel Barber, Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar mentioned that Canada had not provided any evidence related to the allegations made against Indian agents in the Khalistani’s killing case. Jaishankar emphasized that India is a democratic country, and Canada’s accusations have not been substantiated. He also acknowledged that there have been instances of violence and extremism in Canadian politics, and the situation is being closely monitored.

Jaishankar highlighted the importance of democratic values, and he expressed gratitude for the support India has received globally. He noted that India’s influence in the world has contributed significantly to global price stability. While acknowledging the challenges posed by extremism, he emphasized that it is not appropriate to misuse freedom of expression to promote such activities.

In the broader context of India’s global impact, Jaishankar mentioned that India’s strong influence on global oil prices has helped maintain stability. He appreciated the international community’s recognition of India’s role in shaping global economic trends.

India had initially suspended visa services for Canadian citizens through 41 consulates following alleged threats against Indian officials by Khalistani elements in Canada. Subsequently, India communicated to Canada to remove these consulates. The decision to lift these restrictions was made after Canada assured that it had addressed the security concerns and removed the alleged threats.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to these developments by expressing concerns about India’s actions, stating that India’s decision to remove the consulates would complicate matters for many Canadians, particularly those of Indian origin, in terms of travel and business.

It’s essential to note that these diplomatic tensions arose in the context of the Khalistani separatist movement and the killing of a Khalistani militant in India. The situation has also been complicated by broader issues related to extremism, violence, and political dynamics in Canada.

In summary, the temporary suspension of visa services and the subsequent removal of consulates were part of a diplomatic exchange between India and Canada, primarily triggered by security concerns and alleged threats against Indian officials by Khalistani elements in Canada. The situation reflects the complexities of managing diplomatic relations amid security challenges and differing perspectives on certain geopolitical issues.

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