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Insect Found in Burger at Ahmedabad’s SG Highway Corporate Cafe: Customer’s Complaint Ignored

Insects Found in Food Items at Cafes, Food Courts, and Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Incidents of insects being found in food items at various cafes, food courts, and restaurants in Ahmedabad have become common. A recent case occurred at a cafe on Rajpath-Rangoli Road on SG Highway, where an insect was found in a burger. A customer, after eating part of the burger, noticed a small black object, which turned out to be an insect. A video of the insect in the burger was also circulated on social media. Upon receiving information, the AMC’s food department team promptly sent a team to investigate.

“I Showed the Insect to the Cafe Owner” Almas Pathan, a young man working at Spine Hospital, stated that he had ordered four aloo burger patties from the corporate cafe on Rajpath-Rangoli Road. In one of the patties, he noticed something resembling an insect. Upon further inspection, he found an insect inside. He then went to the cafe owner to show the insect.

The cafe owner said that the person who made the burger patty would be dismissed and that Pathan could take any further action he deemed necessary. Following the report of an insect in an aloo burger patty at the corporate cafe on SG Highway, a team from the municipal corporation’s food department was immediately dispatched to the cafe for inspection. The food department is currently taking action following the investigation.

Previous Incidents of Frogs, Lizards, and Rats Found in Food

On June 27, a dead lizard was found in a pickle in Ahmedabad. This pickle was purchased from Jain Gruh Udyog in the Jodhpur area of the city about a month ago and was being consumed daily. As the family reached the bottom of the jar, they discovered the lizard. The family had been suffering from diarrhea and vomiting every two days, which was later found to be caused by the lizard in the pickle.

Lizard Found in Punjabi Curry at Mayur Hotel

A few days ago, a video of a lizard found in Punjabi curry at Mayur Hotel in the Naroda area of Ahmedabad went viral on social media. The customer discovered the lizard-like object in the curry while serving it. The incident has raised several questions about the food department’s effectiveness. The AMC food department’s teams are not conducting regular inspections in the kitchens of various hotels and restaurants, leading to an increase in such incidents.

Dead Lizard Found in Spicy Chavana

On June 23, a dead lizard was found in a packet of Anand Namkeen’s Chavana in Banaskantha, causing an uproar among the people. A customer in the Tharad region had purchased the Chavana, and upon finding the dead lizard, they filed a complaint with the Food and Drugs department. The customer demanded action against the company for compromising public health.

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